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Volunteer fire units prepare for hot, dry summer season in bush capital

Posted December 13, 2015 12:16:21

Right after the 2003 Canberra bushfires claimed 4 lives and destroyed hundreds of residences, a group of volunteers decided to join the frontline to defend the bush capital from future fire risk.

Over the previous decade, the Community Fire Unit (CFU) has grown to more than 1,000 members and Canberra has escaped relatively unscathed from fires.

But, with predictions of a hot, dry summer time ahead, the CFU is undertaking much more education, so it is ready to step in when necessary.

The CFU was established by ACT Fire and Rescue in 2005, with an idea borrowed from New South Wales, which placed a series of about 50 trailers dotted across Canberra.

Volunteer Anne Goyne mentioned her neighborhood crew assembled as soon as a month to train in suburban Canberra, soon after realising the neighborhood necessary “something a bit better than garden hoses” to hold the fort until firefighters arrive.

There’s a small bit of wine and cheese and biscuits on our planning days, so it’s not all horrible.

CFU volunteer Anne Goyne 

“We want to make positive that 2003 by no means happens once again,” she stated.

“But we get a tremendous amount of assistance from ACT Fire and Rescue and the neighbours do look to love us.

“It’s also social. I’ve got to know all the neighbours in each street since we go about and advise individuals about fire safety and what we do.”

CFU Coordinator Brian Connell stated firefighters helped give education to the volunteers.

“It just offers them an idea of the heat that they may possibly face if they are dealing with a bushfire behind a single of their properties,” he said.

“They are our eyes and ears on the ground in the occasion of a big fire taking place in the ACT.

“They’re a important portion of our firefighting plans.”

Volunteer fire units practise fighting a gas fire. Photo: Volunteer fire units practise fighting a gas fire at the Emergency Services Agency training centre. (ABC News: Mark Moore)

Station Officer Connell mentioned the CFU was comprised of people from all walks of life.

“The oldest member is 85, and we have children from 16 years old that can join, as lengthy as they get permission from their guardian,” he mentioned.

“The CFUs had been called on about 4 instances final fire season, but with the larger fire risk this year, we anticipate calling on them much more.”

But Ms Goyne mentioned it was not all challenging function for the volunteers.

“In fact we have a quite great time,” she said.

“There’s a small bit of wine and cheese and biscuits on our organizing days, so it is not all horrible.

“We’ve become a really very good tiny group of friends.”

Ms Goyne mentioned she was hoping for a quiet summer time ahead, exactly where despite their instruction, the CFU was not referred to as on.

“I personally consider due to the fact we’re right here no fire dares,” she mentioned.

“But we’re there. Look out fire we’re there.”

Firefighters in a cherry picker in Canberra Photo: Volunteers acquiring a birds’-eye view of the ESA coaching centre at Hume. (Supplied: David Bundy)

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Pet crematorium owner called to 20 snake bite dog deaths this summer time in ACT

Posted December ten, 2015 21:50:07

External Hyperlink: Tips on snakes in the ACT from Territory and Municipal Services
Brown snakes Photo: Brown snakes at Jerrabomberra Wetlands in Canberra. (Supplid: Lyndon Howe)

Dog deaths from snake bites are on the rise this year according to the owner of a Canberra pet crematorium, who says she has been known as following the deaths of much more than 20 animals considering that late November.

Louise Foldi, Paw Bearers Photo: Louise Foldi, dog trainer and owner of Paw Bearers pet crematorium, with her two whippets Marley and Ty. (Supplied: Paw Bearers)

Louise Foldi, owner of Paw Bearers pet crematorium, mentioned final Sunday alone she was contacted following the deaths of four dogs who died from snake bites.

Two of the bites happened in dog parks and two in the owners’ backyards.

Ms Foldi mentioned she believed there were really a lot more dogs killed by snakes that day.

“There had been six in public dog parks … (from) taking to vet nurses, speaking to clientele and Facebook,” she mentioned.

“I am a dog trainer as properly so I hear it by means of the education ground.”

Ms Foldi stated the quantity of dogs passing by means of her crematorium that had died from snake bites had “increased drastically” considering that last summer season.

“I could not give you the numbers from final year, but absolutely nothing like this year,” she stated.

She mentioned she had received far more than 20 dogs because the begin of summer time, and was at the moment getting an typical of 3 to four per week.

This week Territory and Municipal Solutions warned the public to be on the lookout for snakes this summer, in a video released online with tips on how to avoid becoming bitten.

‘A snake bite can come about at any time of the day’

Canberra Veterinary Hospital director Mark Ethell mentioned he personally had not noticed a spike in the number of dog deaths following snake bites.

But he said summer season was a high-danger time.

“We see a lot of tiger and brown snakes. We do see red belly snakes just not as frequently,” he stated.

“Fortunately this year we have not noticed that numerous just however. Some years we can see them all the time, possibly a handful of each and every week.

“We see a lot of snake bites in the course of the weekend when individuals are not at work and are a lot more active taking the dogs for walks and a play.

“(A) classic instance is if the owner lets the dog off the lead although walking about a lake or park, and the pet goes into extended grass then comes out possessing a vomit and licking some component of the body, such as the paw.”

Place your dog on a lead and hit the pavement. It’s safer.

Louise Foldi

Dr Ethell mentioned dogs that had been bitten by snakes normally displayed symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, hyper-salivating, trembling, dilated pupils and collapsing.

“It really is critical that owners are conscious that a snake bite can occur at any time of the day — even later in the evening when it’s obtaining darker,” he mentioned.

“We also see these situations later in the afternoon when the owners get home from perform and uncover the pet unwell following getting alone at house.”

He said if a dog owners suspected their animal had been bitten they must rush it to the closest open hospital as soon as achievable, even if it was not their typical vet.

“When a pet has been bitten the patient is provided emergency care that might incorporate oxygen, fluid therapy, anti venom and other medicines,” he said.

“Depending on the condition of the pet it could also have a tube placed down the airway so we can breathe for the animal. Emergency drugs could also be essential.”

The veterinarian stated it was truly essential for dog owners to ensure their own backyards were cleared up with practically nothing for the snakes to hide below.

“This contains mowing the lawn frequently and selecting up rubbish,” he said.

Ms Foldi mentioned dog deaths from snake bites were tragic and typically avoidable.

She said the best way to preserve a dog secure in public locations was to maintain them on the lead and steer clear of regions with grass any longer than ankle height.

“Put your dog on a lead and hit the pavement. It is safer,” she stated.

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Cricket Australia enjoying the success of day-night Tests and planning for more next summer

Posted November 28, 2015 22:59:30

Adelaide Oval under lights Photo: Nearly 90,000 attended the initial two days of the day-evening Test played below lights at Adelaide Oval. (Getty Pictures: Cameron Spencer)

Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland has signalled day-night Test matches are set to continue subsequent summer following the early accomplishment of the match below lights at Adelaide Oval.

There have been sighs of relief in Cricket Australia’s halls of power following the day-night format and the pink ball had been each nicely received in Adelaide and about the planet.

Virtually 90,000 fans have passed by means of the Adelaide Oval gates over the very first two days for a taste of day-evening Test cricket.

“I was possibly a lot more nervous ahead of a Test Match than I have been for a long time,” admitted Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland when speaking to Grandstand ahead of the second day’s play.

“Naturally it is about access for fans and I consider we saw that, 47,000 is far more folks than have ever come to the Adelaide Oval for cricket in the modern day age since Bodyline. So that’s a glowing endorsement.”

“[We’ve had] great feedback. Messages coming saying it was a wonderful innovation, it will be excellent for the game, and effectively accomplished on what has happened.

“But I consider also, our media guys inform me that some of the media coverage around the globe has been glowing.”

Remarkably for a conversation in cricket, there was extremely tiny dissent. Absolutely nothing from the 1st day gave grounds for it. Issues that the different ball and the different ground situations would affect the integrity of the contest have been allayed.

“I guess that’s the element of caution that I have,” Sutherland stated.

“We do need to have to make positive we get the circumstances proper for it. But in this day and age you like to believe that curators can get that correct and we are sophisticated adequate to be in a position to do it.”

That was the case at Adelaide, with the nicely-grassed pitch and square not only generating certain the ball stayed in exceptional condition via the complete duration of each and every innings, but that the match was considerably much more of a contest between bat and ball than either daytime Test at Brisbane or Perth.

Sutherland confirmed that the good results so far had all but ensured we will see a lot more pink-ball contests next summer, possibly a single apiece against South Africa and Pakistan, with a broadening of the venues utilised.

“Zakir Khan, 1 of [the Pakistan Cricket Board] operating managers, was right here yesterday, which was good. They are touring next year, and we are really keen on continuing this. [Depending on the] proper spot, right time, appropriate circumstances, I believe it would be a genuinely great good, and I consider the fans are calling out for it.”

“The Gabba is surely a very good option. I realize they’ve upgraded their lights, during the course of this winter. I would have believed a balmy Queensland evening at this time of year would be a genuinely excellent place to be watching the cricket.”

As for regardless of whether Adelaide would ever see another daytime Test: “I have not looked that far ahead, I’ve got to say.”

“The fans will rule that, but that is visiting countries as well. We want to get the approval of the visiting nations, and England, India and other nations might be more conservative on this.”

As Adelaide has proved in its test-case capacity, there is nothing at all like present good results to aid conservatism fall by the wayside. A day-night Ashes Test, with the final session beamed reside into the United Kingdom come breakfast time, may be the next major talking point on the pink-ball agenda.

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