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Mental well being reforms to support tackle rise in homelessness: wellness minister

Posted December 12, 2015 00:18:ten

Federal Well being Minister Sussan Ley says the Government’s mental wellness reforms could help address the increasing price of homelessness amongst sufferers.

Around 25 per cent of Australia’s homeless population, or 63,000 men and women, reported mental well being concerns, according to new information issued by the Australian Institute of Overall health and Welfare (AIHW).

Mental health sufferers are the quickest growing group of people accessing homelessness agencies across the country, increasing at an typical rate of 12 per cent each year considering that 2011-12.

State and territory governments are responsible for the management of homelessness support solutions, but Ms Ley mentioned Commonwealth-driven reform could help address the concern.

She told the ABC the figures have been concerning.

“1 of the reasons we are reforming the mental health system is to address regions where someone’s condition is impacted by other issues, such as homelessness or drug and alcohol dependency,” Ms Ley stated.

“Beneath the adjustments, Major Overall health Networks will be charged with addressing the urgency and type of care a person may possibly want and making sure the delivery of that care.

“This could incorporate acquiring hold of a local organisation which can help, regardless of whether it’s since they never have somewhere to sleep that night or are at threat of becoming homeless,” she mentioned.

AIHW said that there might be improved reporting of mental wellness issues amongst the homeless population, with agencies indicating that such consumers need longer periods of help than other groups.

Brief-term or emergency accommodation was the principal request of mental health sufferers reporting to specialist homelessness agencies throughout 2014-15, followed by transitional housing and assistance to steer clear of eviction.

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CPSU use crowdfunding to support workers during industrial action

Posted December 07, 2015 11:53:20

The Community and Public Sector Union is making use of a crowdfunding campaign to support Immigration and Border Force workers need to they be stood down in the course of industrial action.

Border force workers are imposing perform bans from nowadays, targeting freight and cargo at ports and international mail centres.

But the union’s Nadine Flood said the immigration department had indicated it would respond by standing down workers and docking spend.

“Border force freight workers expect to be stood down without having spend by the division for taking industrial action which means properly they will be sent on strike by their boss,” she said.

“That will have an effect on goods getting into the country like parcels, mail and cargo.”

To financially support employees affected by the dispute, the union has set up a impromptu crowdfunding campaign.

“They’ve lost cash and they are heading into Christmas,” she stated.

“They’re facing the threat of the loss of further rights and pay, but also the loss of funds from industrial action, so currently hundreds of tiny donations have come in from people prepared to help these workers.

“Workers would much rather this impasse was resolved, but … we are prepared to roll out a larger effort to create support amongst the community and folks working in other industries for our members.”

Ms Flood said the campaign had gained powerful assistance from the public and workers.

“There is been a robust show of support for these workers who do a difficult job defending our borders and what they are trying to attain,” she said.

“People recognize that being stood down with out pay, just for fighting to preserve the rights and spend you’ve currently got, is a draconian tactic from Government.”

Ms Flood mentioned 92 per cent of public sector workers nevertheless did not have work spot agreements in place.

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Wall St rebound on US jobs to support market place start off week powerful

Updated December 06, 2015 19:24:00

Map: Australia

One more batch of solid jobs figure from the US over the weekend and a sturdy rebound on Wall Street must give the Australian industry a positive start off to the week.

The essential Wall Street indices rallied more than 2 per cent on the news that 211,000 new jobs had been created, although October’s blockbuster 271,000 figure was revised up to 298,000.

The marketplace is now taking it as a lay down misere the Fed will start raising rates on December 16.

Certainly failure to provide the now anticipated hike could lead to all sorts of market ugliness.

One of the key themes of final week — the disappointment with the European Central Bank’s smaller than anticipated stimulus package — may have been trumped by the US and consequently shifted a bit additional back into the market’s ephemeral attention.

However, offered the all round fractiousness of international markets, volatility will still make investing a white-knuckle game for some time however.

Information flow slows

After last week’s stream of figures, the tap gets tightened this week.

Australian jobs and China offer the greatest interest for the neighborhood industry.

October’s labour force figure created an extraordinary — some would say unbelievable — 60,000 or so new jobs, which drove unemployment back down to 5.9 per cent.

A repeat in November’s figure (Thursday) would be impressive but extremely unlikely.

Certainly it is not uncommon for unusually big moves either way to be reversed in subsequent months.

The truth that third quarter GDP growth to a large extent was propped up by mining exports — although the domestic economy was weak — is hardly a precursor to another spurt in jobs development.

The marketplace is forecasting a fall of 20,000 in November, which would leave the all round trend closer to job creation rattling along at a sturdy 15,000 a month.

That need to also hold unemployment at about six per cent.

A point of interest may nicely be Western Australia where the finish of the mining boom has observed unemployment rise at a fast price.

At six.4 per cent, Western Australia’s unemployment price is now larger than all other states for the very first time because the pre-boom days of 2004.

For the massive miners though it does have the benefit of driving down labour costs, with wage growth back at two-decade lows.

Housing finance in the other domestic figure of note this week, though as RBA deputy governor Phillip Lowe lately pointed out, the banks are coughing up pretty dodgy data on this front.

The ranks of investors who the banks have suddenly realised are owner occupiers — and not investors — are probably to continue to grow.

The consensus get in touch with is a modest 1 per cent decline in all round approvals, which would still leave approvals properly above their long-term average.


China watchers and the resources businesses are up for an additional large week, with the spills much more most likely to outnumber the thrills.

Balance of trade (Tuesday) is the 1st out the blocks and whilst surplus will again be huge — about $ US55 billion in forecast — it is the composition that has been causing concern.

The final reading saw exports down by 7 per cent even though imports tumbled practically 20 per cent, pointing to an accelerating weakness in both domestic and external economies.

Inflation (Wednesday) will not show an economy overheating certainly an additional unfavorable reading is probably.

Even more worrying the Producer Value Index (Wednesday) — which measures the change in rates of goods and services by makers and producers — is once more anticipated to be weak, down around 6 per cent over the year.

At the finish of the week, a mass of essential information will be released on Saturday.

Industrial production has been sliding, but still forecast to develop at about six per cent while fixed-asset investment — which gives insights into infrastructure and building pipelines — is slowing to a level final noticed 15 years ago.

Retail sales have been the a single shining light in China’s domestic economy and are once more expected to post a month-on-month development of around 11 per cent.

Diary notes


Job ads

Building index

Nov:  ANZ series, has been going up for a although

Nov: An AIG survey, expansion must continue

TuesdayNAB business surveyNov: Self-assurance and situations enhancing
WednesdayHousing financeOct: Figures have been dodge, but trend is owner occupiers up and investors down
Customer confidenceDec: Westpac survey. Has been getting stronger
ThursdayLabour market placeNov: May possibly payback some of October’s massive jump
FridayLending financeOct: consists of individual, enterprise and residence loans
Westpac AGMDiscussion on executive pay may be lively
MondayUS: Customer credit Oct: May ease back soon after solid number in September
TuesdayCH: TradeNov: Another massive surplus tipped but composition is the be concerned.
JP: GDPQ3: Final reading anticipated to confirm recession
EU: GDPQ3: Second estimate a weak 1.six per cent YoY
WednesdayCH: InflationNov: Most likely to have decreased MoM
ThursdayUK: BoE decisionPrices on hold at .5 per cent



CH: Economic indicatorsChina releases critical industrial production, fixed asset investment & retail data on Saturday

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Broad support for foreign VDL buyer but senator flags food security concern

Posted November 27, 2015 18:48:28

The sale of Australia’s largest and oldest dairy farming outfit to a privately owned Chinese company has been welcomed by local and national players amid warnings over Australia’s future food security.

The Van Diemen’s Land Company (VDL) has always been foreign owned and it has been revealed it will remain so, with privately owned Chinese company Moon Lake Investments (MLI) pipping competing Australian company Tasfoods Limited (TFL) at the post.

MLI, an Australian company set up specifically for the purchase by Chinese businessman Lu Xianfeng offered $ 280 million to current owners, New Zealand’s New Plymouth District Council, plus a non-refundable $ 20 million deposit.

The sale is now the subject of legal proceedings brought by TFL who have obtained an injunction from the Supreme Court in Victoria to stop the sales agreement from being terminated before a hearing next week.

The deal is also subject to approval by the Foreign Investment Review Board.

VDL sale timeline:

  • Deal struck for VDL sale to TasFoods on November 6
  • TasFoods deal “in excess of $ 280 million”
  • NPDC announces new buyer with “commercially superior” bid on November 20
  • TasFoods launches legal action over failed deal
  • Chinese businessman revealed as buyer on November 26

In a statement MLI said it intended to continue to supply fresh milk to the local Tasmanian market and maintain the existing local workforce.

Tasmanian Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson said as long as the company was creating local jobs and local wealth, then the sale was a positive thing.

“Like most Australians I would be concerned if a foreign company that bought a big, important asset if they didn’t employ local people, they didn’t provide further investment opportunity and contribute to the local community, I’d be worried,” he said.

“There have been situations in the past with Chinese state-owned enterprises, and that’s a separate matter.

“If this is a private Chinese company, and they support local jobs and communities that should be fine.”

‘Availability and pricing of food’ part of sale review

He said under the Foreign Investment Review Board approval process the Government will investigate both commercial and security implications of the sale.

But Senator Whish-Wilson said there was no way of tracking where Australia’s food was being sold.

“Of course with food and agriculture, we haven’t got far enough down the path yet where we can assess issues around food security,” he said.

“The Greens are very concerned that in the future food security is going to be a huge issue, and we have to be very aware of what’s happening with our local produce, where it’s being sold and whether we’ve got security around our own needs.”

Senator Whish-Wilson said, in the past, Chinese and Middle Eastern-government-owned businesses have gone offshore to buy agricultural assets, employed their own people and sold directly into their own markets.

We need to be very, very careful about casting some bogey over international investment into the market because it’s absolutely vital.

Tasmanian Liberal senator Richard Colbeck

“That can have implications for not just local jobs, if you’re bringing in foreign workers, but can also have implications for local markets,” he said.

“The availability and pricing of food.”

Tasmanian Liberal senator Richard Colbeck said foreign investment was vital to Australia’s agriculture sector.

“VDL in its 190-year history has always been owned by an international owner,” he said.

“That’s always been the case and the current development that’s occurred and the current significant employment that’s occurring there, has occurred under international ownership.”

“We need to be very, very careful about casting some bogey over international investment into the market because it’s absolutely vital.”

Circular Head Mayor Darryl Quilliam said while he would have liked to see an Australian company succeed, MIL’s investment was a great thing.

He said the company’s commitment to expansion would see more people employed in the region.

Aerial view of the Van Diemen's Land Company, Tasmania Photo: The new sales agreement for the VDL business in north-west Tasmania is conditional on Foreign Investment Review Board approval. (Supplied: Van Diemen’s Land Company)

“This company has got a lot of money and they want to do a lot of development which is exciting,” he said.

“It’s going to mean that there’s going to be people employed from our local district on that property so yep, it’s quite exciting times,” he said.

“I think that it’s great not only for Circular Head but for the whole state of Tasmania in the dairy industry and with contractors.”

He dismissed concerns about Chinese ownership.

“This company has never been Australian owned,” he said.

Mr Quilliam also said he was not concerned about the product being sent to China because most of the processed dairy products coming out of Tasmania are bound for Asian markets anyway.

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NIH ends support of chimp research, retires last animals

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The last 50 chimpanzees owned by the National Institutes of Wellness are headed to Chimp Haven—a federally funded sanctuary in Keithville, Louisiana.

The retirement strategy, announced on Wednesday, comes two years right after the agency decided to phase out chimp research following a report that discovered such analysis unnecessary. At the time, the agency mentioned it would set stricter requirements for primate analysis and retire most of its 360 chimps, hanging on to only 50. These remaining chimps were set aside in case researchers required them in specific circumstances, such as emergency research in the course of a public health crisis.

But since the 2013 choice, no proposals to use the chimps have moved forward. And, in June of this year, the US Fish and Wildlife Service granted chimps endangered-species protection, which meant that researchers would require to apply for permits to conduct invasive chimp investigation.

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