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South Carolina military college suspends cadets more than ‘KKK uniforms’

Posted December 12, 2015 14:03:56

US military cadets in KKK-like costumes Photo: Photographs of military cadets at The Citadel wearing KKK-like outfits had been extensively shared on social media. (Facebook: Citadel Minority-Alumni)

A prestigious military college in the United States has suspended eight students and launched an investigation following photos emerged of cadets posing in all-white outfits reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan.

Crucial points

  • Cadets at South Carolina military college suspended for dressing in outfits reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan
  • College comes below fire for flying Confederate flag
  • Suspected white supremacist Dylann Roof shot dead nine black churchgoers in very same city
  • Hillary Clinton says “symbols of hate produce a lot more hate”

US Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also weighed in the incident at The Citadel college, exactly where the Confederate battle flag flies, tweeting: “Symbols of hate develop a lot more hate. It is time for the Confederate flag to come down at The Citadel.”

The flag was the concentrate of renewed impassioned debate in June after a suspected white supremacist shot dead nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, the very same city exactly where The Citadel is primarily based.

The cadets were pictured dressed in white and with white pillow situations over their heads with two holes for the eyes, in haunting similarities to the infamous Ku Klux Klan, a white hate group.

“Eight cadets have been suspended and went home this morning,” Citadel spokeswoman Kim Keelor mentioned.

Retired Lieutenant-Common John Rosa, the academy’s president, stated the cadets had been singing Christmas carols as portion of a “Ghosts of Christmas Past” skit.

The pictures — which have been splashed across social media — were “offensive and disturbing”, he mentioned in a statement, ordering an investigation.

“These photos are not constant with our core values of honour, duty and respect,” he mentioned.

School’s Confederate flag comes under scrutiny

The furore drew interest to the Confederate flag flown on campus, seen as a racist symbol by numerous Americans.

Ms Keelor stated The Citadel was not immediately capable to remove the flag due to a state law recognized as the Heritage Act that “prevents its removal as it is portion of a memorial collection of antique flags”.

External Hyperlink: Hillary Clinton tweet about The Citadel

She stated the college’s board of visitors voted nine to three in June to remove the flag and subsequently created a formal request to the relevant legislators asking that it be permitted to take away the flag.

Only South Carolina’s legislature has the authority, by a vote, to choose that the flag be taken down, according to Ms Keelor.

The Heritage Act itself could be reconsidered by legislators when they convene in the New Year.

In a web site attributed to him, accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof espoused racist views toward African-Americans and, in pictures, posed with firearms and the Confederate flag.

There are at the moment amongst five,000 and 8,000 Ku Klux Klan members, according to the Southern Poverty Law Centre.


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Israel suspends EU from peace approach more than settlement labels

Posted November 30, 2015 08:48:10

Israel says it is suspending contacts with European Union bodies involved in peace efforts with the Palestinians following the bloc began requiring the labelling of exports from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the foreign ministry to carry out “a reassessment of the involvement of EU bodies in every little thing that is connected to the diplomatic method with the Palestinians”, a ministry statement mentioned.

“Till completion of the reassessment, the prime minister has ordered a suspension of diplomatic contacts with the EU and its representatives in this matter.”

The EU published new recommendations on November 11 for labelling goods created in Israeli settlements, a move Brussels said was technical but which Israel branded “discriminatory” and damaging to peace efforts with the Palestinians.

Drawn up more than 3 years by the European Commission, the suggestions mean Israeli producers have to explicitly label farm goods and other merchandise that come from settlements built on land occupied by Israel if they are sold in the European Union.

The EU’s position is that the lands Israel has occupied considering that the 1967 Middle East war – such as the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights – are not part of the internationally recognised borders of Israel.

As such, goods from there can not be labelled “Produced in Israel” and need to be labelled as coming from settlements, which the EU considers illegal beneath international law.

Following the EU announcement, Mr Netanyahu referred to as it “hypocritical and a double normal”, saying the EU was not taking related methods in hundreds of territorial conflicts elsewhere in the planet.

“The European Union should be ashamed of itself,” he said whilst on an official go to in Washington earlier this month.

“We do not accept the reality that Europe is labelling the side getting attacked by terrorist acts.”

Mr Netanyahu flies to Paris on Monday, where he will meet French president Francois Hollande, among other leaders, on the fringes of the UN climate conference.

Palestine Liberation Organisation official Saeb Erekat mentioned the most recent Israeli move was an try to coerce the EU into a U-turn on the labelling concern.

“Israel already stopped the peace method,” he said.

“The EU is our companion and we respect them.”

Israeli farmers, wine-growers concerned by labelling

The development of settlements has been one particular of the obstacles to negotiations amongst Israel and the Palestinians.

US-backed peace talks stalled in April 2014.

Secretary of state John Kerry met Netanyahu and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Tuesday in Jerusalem and Ramallah but he left without having a breakthrough and stated he would continue to press both leaders on the issue in coming weeks.

“It really is an indication of origin, not a warning label,” the EU ambassador to Israel, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, stated soon after the bloc’s decision was announced.

Britain, Belgium and Denmark currently affix labels to Israeli goods, differentiating in between these from Israel suitable and those, specifically fruit and vegetables, that come from the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

Following the choice, all 28 EU member states will have to apply the exact same labelling.

Israel’s economy ministry estimated this would have an effect on goods worth about $ 50 million a year, such as grapes and dates, wine, poultry, honey, olive oil and cosmetics made from Dead Sea minerals.

That is about a fifth of the $ 200-$ 300 million worth of goods developed in settlements each and every year, but a drop in the ocean next to the $ 30 billion of goods and services traded annually between Israel and the European Union.

Israeli farmers and wine growers in the West Bank have expressed be concerned about the effect on their enterprise and some have begun diversifying into markets in Russia and Asia to escape EU guidelines.


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