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Kiribati’s President appreciative of Australia’s ‘very active’ function at Paris climate talks

Updated December 15, 2015 01:11:04

The President of Kiribati, a tiny island nation in the Pacific at danger of disappearing if sea levels rise, says he is quite appreciative of Australia’s “quite active” part at the Paris climate talks.

President Anote Tong, an outspoken advocate for international action on climate adjust, mentioned the agreement reached at the COP21 summit was a “main achievement”.

“It is a quite optimistic step forward and of course, what was most gratifying was the position of the nations that we had thought would have taken a quite damaging position,” he told the ABC’s The Planet plan.

All 195 countries that attended the summit authorized the agreement, which aims to limit temperature increases to well beneath two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

The agreement also references the “urgent need to have” to pursue efforts to limit the temperature enhance to 1.5C.

The text does not mandate particular measures or targets. As an alternative, it creates a program for making certain nations make good on voluntary domestic efforts to curb emissions.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop stated the deal was an essential step forward, but it has been criticised by some Liberal MPs.

President Tong, who is in Morocco for yet another round of climate talks, stated it was “definitely essential” that leaders followed by means of on the targets agreed upon in Paris.

“I think it is definitely essential. Of course, it’s component of the purpose why we are here in Morocco, to go over possibly what must be coming up at the next meeting, how the commitments that have been produced from Paris could be followed up and how they can be translated into concrete action,” he said.

“There was extremely clear acknowledgement of the special circumstances of the most vulnerable nations on the front line of climate adjust.

“We are hoping that in spite of the lack of clarity in the wording, there is this really clear understanding that if it comes to building up climate resilience and adaptation and just recovery, we are hopeful that the countries that made a commitment will provide.”

President Tong pleased the ‘miracle did happen’

Countries such as Kiribati and Fiji have lengthy argued for a 1.5C cap to make certain their countries survive extreme weather events and increasing sea levels, whilst industrial nations have favoured the 2C limit.

President Tong said the summit’s adoption of the 1.5C target was a victory.

“I feel [at] the begin of the discussions, fairly a number of countries did not go for the 1.5C boost, but by the end of the discussions … the miracle did take place,” he told The Planet.

“Even Australia, we felt, was supporting that. The atmosphere and perhaps the chairmanship, the presidency at the conference, was of course extremely instrumental.

“But Australia was quite active, we noted that. And of course the US, and a number of other countries that initially have been a bit negative.”

Negotiators have stated the long-term push by island nations was instrumental in bringing the 1.5C target to prominence.

Australia signed on to the 1.5 target when it cut a deal with St Lucia, a Caribbean island nation, to back the target in exchange for getting allowed to carry over its savings from the Kyoto Protocol.

President Tong mentioned the agreement, if followed by means of, will mean future Kiribatians will have a future.

“I feel we must be cautious in becoming too sceptical by what has taken spot,” he stated.

“I think it really is been quite, really significant and it sets the bottom line — it establishes the basis of the foundation of what future behaviour on energy must be.

“I know we did not get one hundred per cent of what it was that we went for, but nonetheless I feel what is happened … in the circumstances, could not have been better.”

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Syrian opposition to meet government for talks in early January

Posted December 11, 2015 12:36:50

A joint team of Syria’s political and armed opposition will meet the government subsequent month for talks in search of a political answer to nearly five years of conflict, the chairman of a Saudi-hosted opposition conference says.

A lot more than one hundred members of Syria’s opposition parties and rebel fighting groups agreed at the finish of two days of talks in Riyadh to perform collectively to prepare for peace talks with president Bashar al-Assad’s government.

But the final hours of the meeting, which excluded Islamic State and Al Nusra Front fighters as nicely as the primary Kurdish force controlling big components of northern Syria, had been overshadowed by protest from the strong insurgent group Ahrar al-Sham.

In a statement, it said it had withdrawn from the Riyadh meeting, objecting to what it said was a prominent function provided to the mostly Damascus-based political opposition group, the National Coordination Body for Democratic Alter, which it said was closer to Mr Assad than to the opposition.

It also mentioned rebel fighters had been below-represented at the talks and their voices largely ignored.

Nevertheless a copy of the final statement had reportedly been signed by the Ahrar al-Sham delegate.

Nevertheless, its withdrawal — even so brief — highlighted enduring rifts among Mr Assad’s enemies which have bedevilled Western and Gulf Arab efforts to rally enough political and military pressure on the president to force him to step down.

Abdulaziz al-Sager, a Saudi academic who chaired the Riyadh talks, stated the opposition would meet government officials in the 1st 10 days of January, the very first such talks in two years aimed at ending a bloody civil war which has drawn in forces from the United States, Russia, Europe and the Arab world.

“There will be a meeting decided by [United Nations envoy Staffan] de Mistura in January,” he mentioned.

“A meeting between the opposition and the Syrian regime to go to a transitional period. This will take place in the 1st ten days of January.”

A statement at the finish of the two-day conference said Mr Assad must leave power at the start off of a transitional period, and named for an all-inclusive, democratic civic state.

It also committed to preserving state institutions.

The opposition was willing to enter talks with Syrian government representatives and to accept a UN-supervised ceasefire, the statement stated.

‘Difficult operate ahead’: Kerry

The meeting came amid escalating conflict in Syria, pitting the army and allied militias like Lebanese Hezbollah fighters backed by Iran and Russia against competing rebel and jihadi fighters, who incorporate Arabs and Kurds.

The Riyadh meeting called on the United Nations to stress the Syrian government to make a series of confidence-developing moves just before peace talks commence, including suspending death sentences against opponents, releasing prisoners and lifting sieges.

Vienna Syria talks Photo: Russia, the United States, European and Middle Eastern nations agreed on a two-year timeline major to Syrian national elections during talks in Vienna (AFP: Brendan Smialowski, file photo)

Monzer Akbik, a member of the National Coalition opposition group, stated the conference agreed to set up a 32-member secretariat to oversee and supervise peace talks.

The statement mentioned that physique would select the negotiating group.

Participants also committed to a political program which “represents all sectors of the Syrian folks”, and would not discriminate on religious or sectarian grounds – in a gesture towards minority Alawite, Christian and Kurdish populations.

US Secretary of State John Kerry welcomed the declaration.

“Although this crucial step forward brings us closer to starting negotiations amongst the Syrian parties, we recognise the difficult work ahead,” he said.

International efforts to resolve the conflict have been lent added urgency by a wave of deadly attacks across the world claimed by the Iraq- and Syria-based Islamic State and by a huge flow of refugees into Europe.

Major powers agreed in Vienna last month to revive diplomatic efforts to finish the war, calling for peace talks to start by January and elections within two years.

No spot for Assad in transition

The demands that Mr Assad and his lieutenants need to play no component in a political transition marked a tougher stance than that of many Western countries which back his opponents.

The United States, France and Britain all referred to as for Mr Assad to step down soon after protests broke out against his rule in March 2011.

Even though they all say Mr Assad eventually need to go, they have been less particular about the timing of any departures, indicating that they could accept his staying on in an interim period.

Mr Assad’s fate was one of numerous concerns left unresolved at the Vienna meeting final month which was attended by Russia, the United States, European and Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, which back opposing sides in Syria.

Saudi Arabia is a major backer of the rebels along with Turkey and Western nations. Iran and Russia support Mr Assad.

Iran has openly criticised the choice by Saudi Arabia to hold the talks, saying they have been designed to harm the Vienna procedure.

On Thursday, Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian mentioned some groups linked to the Islamic State militant group have been involved in the Riyadh meeting.

Russia launched air strikes in Syria ten weeks ago, assisting the Syrian army — backed by Iranian troops, Hezbollah fighters and allied militia — to contain rebel advances.

Russia says it is bombing Islamic State militants, who manage large locations of eastern Syria and western Iraq, but Western and Arab states which have been carrying out air strikes against Islamic State for more than a year say the Russian jets have mostly hit other rebel forces in the west of Syria.

Moscow’s intervention has not swung the war decisively Assad’s way and a number of Western-backed rebel groups, some of whom were represented in Riyadh, have been emboldened by the improved flow of foreign-supplied anti-tank missiles which have helped stem parts of the army’s counter-offensive.


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Shorten calls for ambitious targets as climate talks get underway in Paris

Posted November 30, 2015 22:45:44

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has referred to as for ambitious climate targets to be set as world leaders collect in Paris for the United Nations Climate Conference.

Mr Shorten spoke to Lateline from Paris as the talks got underway and mentioned nations that did not take strong action would be increasingly isolated.

“The whole purpose for this Paris conference is simply because climate modify is possessing worse and worse effects on our environment and even more importantly, on our economy,” he mentioned.

“So nations who feel that they don’t need to alter, I believe will get isolated in the future in trade and other arrangements in between nations.”

French president Francois Hollande officially opened the summit by telling planet leaders that the “hope of all of humanity rests on your shoulders”.

Mr Shorten said he would be attending a quantity of meetings whilst he was in Paris.

“I will be meeting with hopefully leaders from the Pacific Island nations. They truly do count on Australia as becoming a massive brother in the best sense of the word for standing up for their issues,” he mentioned.

“I am searching forward to speaking with organizations. There is a lot of private sector interest in the choices that will be created at Paris, and the choices that nations make.

“See, if a nation like Australia sets ambitious ambitions, what will happen is that we can then encourage the private sector to step in and help deliver the solutions from technologies to trade opportunities to investment in renewable power.”

Shorten says ‘Turnbull playing in traffic’

Last week Mr Shorten announced Labor’s new climate policy with an emissions reduction target of 45 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

He rejected ideas a carbon price beneath the proposal could be as high as $ 200 a tonne.

“It really is just total rubbish,” he stated.

He mentioned the climate alter debate had been one of the far more toxic issues in politics and that it would have been straightforward for Labor to just give bipartisan help to the Government’s “ridiculously low targets”.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s caught. He’s caught in the middle of the road on this. He’s playing in the site visitors,” he mentioned.

“On 1 hand he had to in order to turn out to be the leader of the Liberal Celebration, sign up to Tony Abbott’s climate alter policies, with their ridiculously low targets. On the other hand he need to at least be honest with people and admit the consequences of alter.”

He stated the cost of not acting on climate change was too higher.

“The truth of the matter is that if sea levels rise, home will become, and infrastructure in Australia will turn into a lot much more expensive,” he mentioned.

“We’ll have much more drought. We’ll have more intense climate events. So there is a large price in not acting.”

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Paris protesters form ‘human chain’ ahead of UN climate talks

Posted November 30, 2015 00:37:52

Hundreds of folks have formed a “human chain” in Paris in the newest protest to take spot ahead of the official UN climate summit getting held in the French capital.

Essential points:

  • Hundreds of protesters kind “human chain” in Paris
  • Activists leave thousands of footwear in Place de la Republique in spot of cancelled march
  • Some 150 globe leaders to attend opening day of UN climate conference
  • Objective of talks to limit international warming to 2C

As hundreds of thousands of folks joined worldwide protests, the demonstration aimed to send a hugely symbolic message to the gathering leaders.

French authorities earlier cancelled two climate demonstrations following the Paris terror attacks, which killed 130 people across the city on November 13.

So rather of marching, activists left thousands of pairs of shoes on the ground at the Spot de la Republique square.

A single pair of running shoes was left by UN secretary-common Ban Ki-Moon.

Brazillian cardinal Claudio Hummes also added a pair of Pope Francis’s shoes to the show, saying the pontiff would approve of the demonstration.

“It is also an ethical question, since we have to ask ourselves what globe we will leave to our young children, and to the younger generations that are coming, that is what the Pope says,” he mentioned.

In the very first organised demonstration in the French capital since the attacks, climate protesters of all ages lined the wind-blown streets to hyperlink up in a two-kilometre human chain as an alternative of holding a march.

“I hope this time the conference will lead to anything solid,” said Denis Diderot, a retired university teacher who joined the demonstration wearing a beret and a prestigious French medal, the Legion d’Honneur.

Protesters left a 100-metre gap in the chain in front of the flowers left outside the Bataclan concert hall, exactly where the worst violence claimed 90 lives, as a mark of respect to the victims.

Banners are displayed among hundreds of pairs of shoes on the Place de la Republique in Paris. Photo: Banners which read “Paris marches for climate modify” had been displayed amongst the shoes. (Reuters: Eric Gaillard)

Some 150 leaders such as US president Barack Obama, China’s Xi Jinping, India’s Narendra Modi and Russia’s Vladimir Putin will attend the official begin of the UN conference on Monday, tasked with reaching the 1st genuinely universal climate pact.

About 2,800 police and soldiers will safe the conference internet site, and 6,300 other individuals will deploy in Paris, with French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve saying almost 1,000 people thought to pose safety risks had been denied entry into France.

The purpose of the climate talks is to limit typical worldwide warming to 2 degrees Celsius, probably significantly less, more than pre-Industrial Revolution levels by curbing fossil fuel emissions blamed for climate modify.

“The Earth’s temperature should not rise any further and this is everyone’s concern and duty,” Mr Modi said in his monthly radio address.

Rallies demanding curbs to carbon pollution have been growing about the world given that Friday, with marches across Australia kickstarting a final day of men and women-powered protest.

“In 10 years’ time our youngsters are going to say: ‘Mum, did you know about this? What was every person carrying out?'” Kate Charlesworth, a medical doctor and mother in Sydney, stated, exactly where 45,000 folks converged.

Comparable events were planned for Rio de Janeiro, New York and Mexico City, while 1,000 braved rain in Seoul.

Protestors march at a climate change rally in Adelaide. Photo: Protesters marching at a climate alter rally in Adelaide, South Australia. (ABC News: Malcolm Sutton)

Religious leaders in Paris also delivered petitions to the UN summit organisers, with practically 1.eight million signatures from folks about the world demanding globe leaders take immediate climate action.

In the previous week, the UN’s weather physique stated the typical international temperature for the year 2015 was set to rise 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels, halfway towards the top end of the Paris conference’s attempted limit.

Voluntary carbon-curbing pledges submitted by nations to bolster the Paris pact, even if fully adhered to, put Earth on track for warming of two.7-3.five degrees Celsius, according to UN climate chief Christian Figueres.

French president Francois Hollande, host of the November-December talks, has warned of obstacles ahead for the 195 nations looking for new limits on heat-trapping gas emissions from 2020.

Prospective stumbling blocks in Paris are abound, especially in regards to financing for climate-vulnerable nations, scrutiny of commitments to curb greenhouse gases and even the legal status of the accord.

The last try to forge a global deal — the ill-tempered 2009 Copenhagen summit — foundered upon divisions among rich and poor nations.

External Link: Paris human chain


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Turnbull optimistic of climate deal at Paris talks

Posted November 27, 2015 00:02:56

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he is “optimistic” about the possibilities of a global agreement being reached at subsequent week’s climate alter talks in Paris.

Worldwide leaders are set to descend on the French capital to attempt to attain a legally binding agreement aimed at maintaining worldwide warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Similar meetings have failed to outcome in agreement but Mr Turnbull hopes Paris will be various.

“I am optimistic… and I notice that the French president is really optimistic,” he told 7:30.

Meanwhile Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will right now pledge to work towards carbon neutrality in Australia by 2050, meaning each and every tonne of pollution would need to be offset.

By Mr Shorten’s personal admission, arranging to achieve it by 2050 is an ambitious goal.

In a speech to the Lowy Institute in Sydney Mr Shorten will say it could be done by creating more use of biofuels and gas and enhanced land management.

He will also make an announcement about baseline emissions targets.

“The Climate Adjust Authority advised a baseline emissions reduction of 45 per cent by 2030, on 2005 levels,” Mr Shorten will say.

“Nowadays I announce Labor will use the Climate Change Authority’s recommendation of a 45 per cent reduction as the basis for our consultations with sector, employers, unions and the community.”

Mr Shorten’s also promising a review of his party’s extended-term climate modify objectives each and every 5 years.

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