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Tasmania to grow cannabis beneath deal with NSW for medicinal trials

Posted December 10, 2015 11:12:07

The Tasmanian Government has confirmed it is teaming up with New South Wales to discover the rewards of medicinal cannabis.

The two premiers will sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to cooperate on clinical trials, study and developing the capacity to develop cannabis crops.

Tasmania will not be contributing funding for the trial and there are few particulars about where and how a lot of crops would be grown.

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman said the state’s track record in regulating poppy cultivation put it in good stead.

“These matters regarding the capacity to cultivate the crop and to make certain a protected transition into New South Wales will be determined by our wellness department and other authorities,” he stated.

“We’ve got the framework in spot, the national government is progressing as well their national scheme to make sure we get the greatest outcome and balance compassion for these suffering in our neighborhood with proof-based science.”

He said the MoU would open the way for Tasmanians to participate in the trial.

New South Wales is conducting three clinical trials such as a single targeting youngsters with severe epilepsy.

The Tasmanian Government initially rejected calls for increasing trial in Tasmania, saying a medicinal cannabis market would pose a threat to the properly-established poppy business.

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Hydro Tasmania may turn to energy plant to meet energy requirements

Posted December 03, 2015 18:50:09

Hydro Tasmania considers it a “affordable opportunity” it will need to fire up the costly Tamar Valley energy station to meet the state’s energy demands, as record low rainfalls wipe out the business’s forecast profits.

Hydro Tasmania has not run the gas-fired plant in the state’s north because it was forced to obtain it from Aurora Power in July 2013.

As water storage levels drop to just 26 per cent, severely restricting Hydro’s capacity to generate power, Hydro may possibly have to turn to the alternative power source.

Hydro Tasmania chief executive Stephen Davy said nearly 40 per cent of the state’s electrical energy wants had been imported from coal-fired plants in Victoria in November.

“There would be a point at which the price tag of imports would mean that it would be greater to run the gas plant,” Mr Davy mentioned.

“We consider it to be a affordable likelihood simply because we’re receiving ready for that at the moment.”

Even without bearing the expense of operating the Tamar Valley energy station, lost income from not becoming capable to generate and sell power will hurt this year’s economic outcomes.

Mr Davy would not put a figure on how significantly the organization had lost so far.

The profit that we have been forecasting to make for this year is not looking probably.

Stephen Davy

“The profit that we have been forecasting to make for this year is not searching most likely,” he stated.

He reassured shoppers that Hydro’s financial woes and the cost of imported energy would not effect on household energy rates, which are set by the economic regulator.

Even so, the State Government is not as fortunate and will likely have to forego millions in forecast dividends from the as soon as hugely profitable business.

The Government will still reap a $ 25 million dividend from Hydro this monetary year simply because the figure is calculated on the outcome for the preceding 12 months, but the forecast $ 19 million for subsequent year now seems unlikely.

Tamar Valley energy plant sale rethink urged

Earlier this year, the Government authorized a partial sale of the gas-fired power plant.

State Opposition Leader Bryan Green mentioned the dry circumstances showed the state could not afford to lose the alternative energy supply.

Mr Green recommended Energy Minister Matthew Groom ought to worth the asset as a potential “saviour of our state” and urged Hydro to fire it up alternatively of importing so much.

“We have a combined cycle unit that can produce about 210 megawatts of energy sitting idle that could potentially create that power less expensive than what we’re importing it for,” he mentioned.

Greens leader Cassy O’Connor stated the plant would provide a short-term remedy only.

“We need extended-term pondering here, we require investment in energy efficiency, we require to produce incentives for individuals to have their personal, solar and batteries, and we need to have to have the proper policies in place so private investors are investing in renewable energy in Tasmania,” Ms O’Connor mentioned.

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Princess Mary bringing family home to Tasmania for Christmas

Posted November 28, 2015 11:09:14

Princess Mary of Denmark and her household will visit Tasmania for Christmas.

A short statement from the Danish Royal Loved ones stated Hobart-born Princess Mary, her husband Crown Prince Frederick and their four children would celebrate the festive season with household in Hobart.

The royal couple final visited Australia in 2013, taking part in the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera Property, which was created by Danish architect by Jorn Utzon.

Princess Mary, who grew up in Taroona, married the Danish Crown Prince in 2004 following the couple met in Sydney.

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