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Tasmanian bushfire risk to ‘double’ if climate emissions continue apace

Posted December 14, 2015 13:11:01

A new lengthy-term forecast of Tasmania’s fire circumstances has predicted the state’s fire danger threat would double by the finish of the century if carbon emissions continued at existing rates.

The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Investigation Centre report showed the state’s fire season would commence a month earlier and cover twice the location if carbon emissions continued at high levels.

Tony Warby from the Australian Antarctic Division said the quantity of fire danger days was also most likely to increase by about 10 per cent per decade this century.

“Maybe most concerningly, locations that are at greatest risk now of bushfires are most likely to be the places of even far more increased threat in the future, so these places a probably to get worse a lot more swiftly,” he stated.

External Hyperlink: The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Analysis Centre’s animated Future Fire Danger Index shows how the area and intensity of bushfire danger in Tasmania could increase over time.

The information analyses possible scenarios up till 2100, with an expected boost in fire threat predicted despite the current Paris climate deal.

Even with the Paris deal added to calculations, Dr Warby stated the best attainable case situation was a 1.five degree Celsius to 2C boost more than pre-industrial levels.

I don’t consider there is any doubt at all that that we’re going to see rising bushfire risk in numerous components of Tasmania more than the next couple of decades.

Dr Tony Warby

“That would undoubtedly limit some of the worst-case scenarios that had been identified in this report, but at the exact same time we know that over the subsequent a number of decades CO2 emissions will continue to improve,” he said.

“It would surely be nice to think that, on the back of the deal that was reached in Paris, that we will have a future that moves towards low emissions far more speedily than possibly we otherwise anticipated.”

The report says that the fire danger season could begin up to a month earlier, especially in the Central Highlands and the south east of the state.

“What is presented in the report is a realistic assessment of the probably danger more than the subsequent several decades,” Dr Warby said.

“Beyond the middle of the century, based on where global emissions go, some of the worst outcomes potentially may possibly not be realised, but I don’t think there’s any doubt at all that that we’re going to see rising bushfire risk in numerous components of Tasmania more than the subsequent couple of decades.”

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Tasmanian driver allegedly caught at 200kph faces charges

Posted December 14, 2015 06:37:51

Map: Deloraine 7304

A man is facing charges after police allege he was caught travelling at 200 kilometres per hour on a road in Tasmania’s north.

Police intercepted the high-overall performance V8 car on Mole Creek Road near Deloraine last week.

The road is a 100kph zone.

Sergeant Tony Roughan from Tasmania Police stated it was hazardous to travel that quickly.

“Clearly reaction time, you are not going to be in a position to react to anything,” he mentioned.

“There had been tractors on the road at the time baling hay, you know, it could be a auto coming out of a driveway not expecting a car to be travelling at that speed, so yeah it was a silly thing to do,” he mentioned.

The car has been clamped for 1 month and the driver will be charged with speeding offences.

“As a outcome of the incident the car has been clamped for 28 days, so these individuals won’t have their high-functionality automobile more than Christmas and the New Year,” Sergeant Roughan said.

“We would anticipate that upon a guilty conviction he’ll be disqualified for some time.”

Sergeant Roughan said he believed a prospective crash would have dire consequences when driving so fast over the speed limit.

“At that speed if an animal walks onto the road or a child or a vehicle does a U-turn, or a tractor comes out of a driveway, or it gets a puncture, the resulting incident could be important,” he stated.

Police mentioned the driver stopped quickly when approached.

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Logging in Tasmanian heritage region could be abandoned without UN assistance

Posted December 13, 2015 10:09:37

The Federal Government would abandon a plan to log in Tasmania’s Planet Heritage Location if it was not ratified by the United Nations environment committee.

UNESCO has previously mentioned it does not help the logging of specialty species timbers in the Wilderness Planet Heritage Area, which covers about 20 per cent of Tasmania, about 1.6 million hectares.

The Federal Government has supported the proposal for logging outlined in the Tasmanian Government’s draft management program for the region.

The Government wants to open up just below 200,000 hectares for logging of some type, about 12 per cent of the Planet Heritage Area (WHA).

A UN delegation not too long ago visited the state to assess the practices and meet with stakeholders, with a final report expected next year.

The Assistant Minister for Agriculture, South Australian Senator Anne Ruston, mentioned the logging strategy would be scrapped if UNESCO did not help it.

“When they bring down that report I would be truly surprised if the Federal Government did anything other than respect these decisions,” she said.

“We respect the choice of UNESCO.”

Tasmanian boat builder Andrew Denman makes use of specialty species timbers and is worried about the prospect.

“It is a concern, we totally anticipate the Federal Government to go into bat for the specialty species timber sector,” he stated.

“It is a significant concern that the resource is now primarily behind closed doors.”

Senator Ruston mentioned she had some sympathy for users of specialty species timber.

“They also have an argument which is affordable, that they have very low effect exactly where they take those timbers from,” she stated.

The Tasmanian Government also said it would abide by UNESCO’s call.

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Tasmanian Upper Residence MP alleges proof of foxes in state fabricated

Posted December 10, 2015 20:33:12

An Upper House MP is set to make a complaint to Tasmania’s police commissioner alleging evidence of foxes in the state has been fabricated.

Ivan Dean is claiming fox carcasses and other physical proof was planted, and tens-of-millions of dollars was wasted on the fox eradication system.

“It is up to somebody to take this matter forward … I am now going to take the matter to the police division and to the commissioner Darren Hine,” Mr Dean said.

The former Labor government spent about $ 50 million of state and federal funds on a taskforce to eradicate foxes in Tasmania.

Mr Dean has alleged the proof relied upon to continue that taskforce was faked.

“If you look at each and every piece of physical evidence that’s been produced more than the final fourteen years you will find it all falls apart, it really is all questionable,” he mentioned.

“I will be referring to all of the carcasses that have been created … the skull will be referenced as effectively, the scats are also extremely essential to this entire point as effectively.”

Two recent independent scientific reports utilising government information found it was most likely evidence of fox scats and carcasses could have been planted.

I will be referring to all of the carcasses that have been created…the skull with be reference as properly, the scats are also really vital to this entire point.

MLA Ivan Dean

A skull, fox DNA blood, and 4 fox carcasses located amongst 2001 and 2006 have been incorporated as evidence of foxes in the state.

Veterinary pathologist David Obendorf is one of a group of independent scientists who has written reports and published journal articles disputing the veracity of fox evidence, like scats and all 4 carcasses.

“Our reports have contested the credibility of the proof of those carcasses being from Tasmania, really animals that lived in Tasmania and died in Tasmania,” he mentioned.

An instance of an alleged discrepancy was located right after Mr Obendorf reviewed pathology reports and the histology for a fox identified in 2006.

“The claim was that this was a freshly dead fox that had been killed at 9:30 on the morning of August 1 but once I had seen the slides that had been reduce from this animal … I could see the body had putrefied, it decomposed so swiftly with the invasion of bacteria,” he stated.

“The animal was breaking down and this breakdown approach could not have occurred in the period of time in between when they claim the animal was identified and when they did the autopsy.”

Veterinary pathologist David Obendorf Photo: Veterinary pathologist David Obendorf says scientific reports have cast doubts on the credibility of fox proof. (ABC News: Alexandra Bulcher)

Mr Dean has seized on the reports to back up his complaint.

“The position I have is if there is corruption, unlawful behaviour, we’ve got to bring that out … It really is got to be investigated in my opinion, to bring it to an end,” he mentioned.

But he has not speculated on what laws may have been broken.

“In the report that I will be submitting to the Commissioner of Police, I will providing names of persons that I have, that have been connected with, specific pieces of evidence that have been developed,” he said.

Both main political parties have been criticised for not investigating the claims.

The Major Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff stated his Government had “abolished Labor’s fox program, which spent millions chasing just a single species”.

“Scientific opinion is for the scientific neighborhood to debate,” Mr Rockliff mentioned.

“Individuals are totally free to make complaints to police or the Integrity Commission if they so wish,” he said.

The Labor Opposition has been contacted for comment.

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Tasmanian Aboriginals celebrate state’s most important land hand-back

Posted December 10, 2015 18:54:28

Tasmania’s Aboriginal community has celebrated 20 years since the most considerable land hand-back in the state’s history.

In December 1995, title to 12 parcels of land was handed back to Aboriginal elders by then Liberal Premier Ray Groom.

The land included Risdon Cove, also referred to as piyura kitana, on Hobart’s eastern shore.

Twenty years on, the Aboriginal community returned to the place to celebrate.

“It is an critical time to acknowledge the folks who, and the neighborhood who, contributed to the land returns, and the elders that accepted the titles here,” said neighborhood member Adam Thompson.

Michael Beaton was working at the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre in 1995.

There’s a lot of Crown land left in Tasmania and that land is our land. We’re asking the present Government [to] give us the autonomy over these lands.

Trudy Maluga

“It was a fantastic achievement for the community and it was a community effort to get the land back,” Mr Beaton said.

The common public have been invited to take guided walks on the land and to see how it is being managed.

“We are capable of searching following our land, and we do it in a peaceful and cultural manner,” mentioned State Secretary of the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre Trudy Maluga.

“The healing method and the tactics that we’ve learnt along the way are useful to all people,” she stated.

Land hand-backs in Tasmania

  • 1995 – 12 parcels of land, such as Risdon Cove – piyura kitina
  • 1999 – Wybalenna on Flinders Island
  • 2005 – Cape Barren Island – Truwanna
  • 2005 – Clarke Island – Lungtalanana

Ms Maluga mentioned Risdon Cove was a place of celebration but also of sorrow.

“It was a massacre website for our men and women,” she mentioned.

Risdon Cove was the 1st internet site selected for British settlement in Tasmania in 1803 by Lieutenant John Bowen.

It was abandoned the following year in favour of Sullivans Cove from which Hobart sprang.

Premier urged to act on guarantee of a lot more returns

Premier Ray Groom hands over land deed in 1995 Photo: In 1995, Premier Ray Groom handed back 12 parcels of land. (ABC News)

The Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre utilized Thursday’s occasion to call for more land returns from the State Government.

Given that Cape Barren and Clarke Islands were returned in 2005 there have been no legislated hand-backs.

“We will usually contact for more land,” stated Ms Maluga.

“There is a lot of Crown land left in Tasmania and that land is our land.

“We’re asking the present Government and future governments to take that into consideration and give us the autonomy more than these lands.

“To heal them, to bring our youth there, to teach them and share all of our expertise with the broader community.”

Premier Will Hodgman stated his Government has committed to “reset” the partnership with Aboriginal Tasmanians.

“That contains in a quantity of regions, hand-backs, land management systems, new techniques of ensuring that Tasmanian Aboriginal people have access to the land with which they have a powerful connection,” he said.

“He’s been saying that considering that he’s been elected,” mentioned Ms Maluga.

“It’s about time he truly shows us how he intends to do that.”

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Chinese purchaser of Tasmanian dairy to bring ‘enormous benefits’

Updated December 08, 2015 16:56:55

The Chinese buyer of Tasmanian dairy Van Diemen’s Land (VDL) will breathe new life into the firm and the state’s north-west region, an agribusiness specialist has mentioned.

Yesterday, a legal injunction blocking the sale of VDL to Chinese businessman Lu Xianfeng was thrown out, clearing the way for the sale to proceed.

Mr Lu is the head of Australia’s largest blind maker, Kresta Holdings, and made his money in China promoting seafood and sun shades.

He purchased the dairy firm for $ 280 million which includes the payment of a $ 20 million non-refundable deposit.

Initially, he tried to hold his identity secret as the foreign purchaser behind the VDL deal.

Melbourne investment banker David Williams mentioned Mr Lu was a monetary heavyweight capable of funding a main expansion of the dairy firm.

“The Chinese have the deep pockets and depth of income to breathe new life into that home and, in my opinion, it really is actually languished,” he said.

I think it is going to have enormous benefits for that area – not only in terms of employment but the ability for dairying around the VDL property to expand as nicely.

David Williams, investment banker

“I would be searching to double the size of the quantity of milkers on that property and take it from 18,000 milkers probably up to 40,000.

“At that sort of level it’s going to call for really considerable investment of most likely a couple of hundred million dollars.

“I think it really is going to have enormous rewards for that region – not only in terms of employment but the potential for dairying around the VDL property to expand as properly.”

Lu ‘told me he could bring in a million tourists’

Smithton real estate agent Betty Kay had dinner in Stanley with Lu Xianfeng, several weeks before it was announced he was the purchaser of VDL.

She told the ABC’s 7.30 plan Mr Lu had main plans for the region.

“What he could see was the opportunity for Circular Head with bringing a lot more vacationers in, he was [also] interested in the farms,” she said.

Mr Lu told Ms Kay he wanted to buy Smithton airport.

“I did mention that to the council at our workshop the next evening,” she mentioned.

“Mr Lu told me he could bring in a million vacationers, and that would be just superb.”

Businessman Lu Xianfeng dined in Stanley weeks before he was revealed as the VDL buyer. Photo: Businessman Lu Xianfeng, second from appropriate, dined in Stanley in the weeks ahead of he was revealed as the VDL purchaser. (Betty Kay)

TasFoods disappointed injunction failed

Yesterday a rival bidder, Australian firm Tasfoods, lost a legal challenge in the Victorian Supreme Court.

TasFoods claimed the New Zealand owners of VDL breached a sales contract with it to get the dairy company’s 25 farms.

Justice James Judd disagreed and threw out an injunction blocking the sale.

Prime Minister urged to block sale of dairy giant VDL to Chinese investorVideo: Prime Minister urged to block sale of dairy giant VDL to Chinese investor (7.30)

Justice Judd’s reasoning is however to be produced public.

In response to the court’s verdict, TasFoods share cost has plunged today and the firm is now contemplating additional legal choices which includes whether or not to appeal or go straight to trial.

Tasfoods chairman Rob Woolley said he was disappointed the injunction was overturned.

“Its not the outcome I’d hoped for but it hasn’t undermined the case,” he stated.

He mentioned when a choice is taken on what next to do the 1st point he will do is notify the stock exchange.

He mentioned he was not concerned the TasFoods share value had dropped a lot more than 30 per cent because the selection was produced public.

“Earlier in the morning it was in the low 30s we issued shares at 25 cents,” he stated.

“If we struggle with the legal reasons [for the selection to finish the injunction], the share market is going to have a lot of difficulty.”

Final hurdle facing Chinese purchaser

Mr Williams said he was not surprised the court found the New Zealand owners have been entitled to back out of the deal.

“The outcome was to be expected, the TasFoods guys are sophisticated investors themselves, so it was often likely,” the banker stated.

“They went knowingly into a contract where a single of the situations was the New Zealanders had to approve it and they didn’t approve it.”

There is another hurdle facing Lu Xianfeng.

Ahead of his purchase can go ahead it calls for the approval of the Foreign Investment Overview Board, which will assess it on national interest grounds.

Numerous weeks ago, the Turnbull Government blocked the sale of the Kidman cattle company to Chinese investors.

Tasmanian Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has named for the Government to reject the VDL sale, arguing the organization is also strategically critical to remain foreign owned.

He is organizing to lobby the Nationals, which includes Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce, to assistance his position and pressure their Coalition colleagues.

“There is no doubt that the National Party agrees with me,” he mentioned.

“Regrettably, I believe I’m speaking for the Nationals, it is about time the Nationals stood up for the country and stood up for country folk, since I have no doubt that a great a lot of country folk are opposed to the proposition that the Chinese purchase Van Diemen’s Land.”

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Rescued bushwalker was ‘losing hope’ following two days in Tasmanian wilderness

Posted December 08, 2015 11:03:42

A Tasmanian bushwalker who spent two days lost in the wilderness on the state’s west coast says he was losing hope that he would be discovered.

On Saturday afternoon 75-year-old Harry Gruner left his two walking companions at a remote hut in the Mount Dundas area and headed to Fraser Falls by himself.

He told 936 ABC Hobart he underestimated the length of the stroll and it became dark before he created it back.

“I did not have a torch with me, I did not have matches with me since I thought I would be coming back early which was very foolish,” he said.

“I walked down and it got actually dark and ultimately I ended up at the river but I did not know exactly where I was.”

With out an EPIRB on him, Mr Gruner’s disappearance sparked an comprehensive search involving more than 25 police and State Emergency Service volunteers as properly as the rescue helicopter.

I walked over the bridge, effectively a lot more or less crawled over, and all of a sudden I saw a four-wheel drive of the SES and I thought ‘oh you’re safe’.

Harry Gruner

Mr Gruner mentioned he struggled to be seen by the rescue teams because of the thick scrub.

“On Saturday I heard the helicopter but it was very hard to be observed,” he stated.

“Everywhere you look, trees, I believed ‘if I get on prime of the hills and I could be observed by the chopper’, but I was struggling to get up to the hill tops only to find out they have been heavily grown with trees.”

Mr Gruner stated he became weaker and was forced to drink water from nearby streams which created him sick.

He mentioned he was “obtaining desperate” when the rescue crews lastly situated him about four:00pm yesterday.

“All of a sudden I saw a suspension bridge in front of me, so I climbed up with this final strength I had,” he mentioned.

“I walked over the bridge, well more or much less crawled more than, and all of a sudden I saw a four-wheel drive of the SES and I believed ‘oh you are safe’.

“It took about an hour ahead of a couple of blokes came.”

Mr Gruner was taken to the Queenstown Hospital suffering dehydration and exhaustion.

Earlier this year bushwalkers have been urged to carry rescue beacons such as the EPIRB following a spate of comprehensive searches for missing bushwalkers.

In October, a man was rescued from Mount Anne soon after spending two nights in the remote location.

Significantly less than two weeks later two Victorian bushwalkers have been rescued from the very same region.

Last month an knowledgeable bushwalker from New South Wales went missing for two days on South Cape Variety in south western Tasmania.

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Violent threats against Tasmanian principals highest in nation: survey

Posted December 03, 2015 11:37:51

A teacher gives instructions to her pupils in a classroom. Photo: The Education Union says it is unclear why rates of violence against Tasmanian principals are escalating so much. (Anne-Christine Pouloulat, file photo: AFP)

A national survey has identified 60 per cent of Tasmanian principals received violent threats this year, the highest price in the nation.

Nationally, the Australian Catholic University found one in 3 principals surveyed had experienced physical violence in their work.

In Tasmania, 114 principals completed the survey.

Their results showed rates of actual violence had increased from almost 27 per cent in 2011 to 42 per cent this year.

Terry Polglase of the Education Union told 936 ABC Hobart the figures had been worrying.

“There is a concerning trend, our price of improve of assaults is the greatest of other states,” he said.

“Appear it really is something that we want to look at – what has been causing this more than the final four years.”

He said in main schools the violence came mainly from parents and in high schools students have been far more likely to be the perpetrators.

“You have to appear, socially, appropriate across the board, what is causing that, you know, what is going on in Tasmania?” he mentioned.

“Also, we need to look at what is going on in our support of the schools, the [spending budget] cuts that occurred final year, you know when you take two teachers out of the schools, you put principals on classes and have them obtaining less time to deal with issues, meet with parents and so on, you know, men and women get angry.

“Undoubtedly for Tasmania we need to have to appear at the effects of what we are actually carrying out within our policies.”

Mr Polglase mentioned the physical school environment also left principals vulnerable to violence.

“The atmosphere isn’t precisely best is it? You know, open doors, stroll into the office, somebody is angry, we now take away glass dividers, we try and have open communication, we try to do all the right factors to guarantee we are as welcoming as possible inside our schools.”

The survey also asked principals who they turned to for help, such as spouses, colleagues, physicians and senior staff.

Mr Polglase said most principals would not turn to far more senior colleagues.

“They just will not admit to folks above them that there is an concern and as a result their pressure levels are via the roof and that is sad for a system, it says one thing really poor about the culture that is going on inside our systems and our schools, we like to say items are great but they are not,” he said.

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Tasmanian farmers urged to plan ahead following driest spring on record

By Sallese Gibson

Posted December 02, 2015 16:23:59

Dead trees Tasmania drought, December 2007 Photo: Tasmania has experienced its driest spring on record and farmers are becoming urged to turn to technology to keep afloat. (ABC News: Cate Grant)

Automated irrigation systems and drought-resistant crops are amongst planning measures put forward to Tasmanian farmers experiencing unseasonably dry situations.

The state has experienced its driest spring on record which has forced some farmers to sell livestock and lessen crop plantings.

One particular of the factors that we often see… is that men and women aren’t employing the [irrigation program] capacity very effectively.

TIA dairy group leader Lesley Irvine

At a forum in the state’s north-west the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) looked at methods for coping with low summer season rainfall.

TIA dairy team leader Lesley Irvine mentioned they wanted to aid farmers far better handle climate variability.

“We’ll be offering sensible tips on irrigation management in a dry summer season and how to get the ideal from your irrigation pump and sprinklers,” she stated.

Dr Joseph Foley from the University of Southern Queensland, who was a guest speaker at the occasion, mentioned there ought to be a focus on irrigation overall performance.

“One particular of the things that we frequently see … is that men and women are not using the [irrigation system] capacity quite properly,” he stated.

“They might only utilise two-thirds of that program capacity.

“One of the challenges is to make sure that the pivots are utilized fully by means of this hotter summer time period.

“That implies that it truly should be utilised to capacity and actually ought to be running far more or significantly less each day, all week, throughout these warmer months.”

Automated irrigation ‘improves water efficiency’

Dr James Hill with an automated irrigation system Photo: Dr James Hill with an automated irrigation program which he says can aid farmers by way of dry circumstances with better water efficiency. (ABC News: Sallese Gibson)

Researchers at the TIA are establishing an irrigation technique to enhance the way farmers use their water.

Project leader Dr James Hills stated the technique automatically irrigates pastures, based on data it collects.

“What we will be carrying out is putting sensors out in the field that’ll be measuring the soil moisture, the climatic variables temperature, rainfall and other factors and we’ll be getting sensors on our actual pivot, searching at water volume being employed,” he mentioned.

As soon as you get behind and it is really tough to catch up and that truly effects efficiency and productivity.

TIA project leader Dr James Hills

“We can [then] commence to appear at approaches to take the decision that is at present getting produced by farmers into an automatic program so that the program itself is producing decisions on what is the greatest application of water.

“It identifies exactly where the water needs to go, how much water wants to go on, when it needs to go on and then applies that in an automatic way.”

Dr Hills believes taking the decision-making away from farmers could lead to efficiency gains.

“At present, farmers make choices by seeking at their pastures … they’re possessing to make the choice to go out and to turn the irrigator on to apply that water,” he stated.

“What we’re trying to do is to develop a program that essentially identifies what is necessary and then does that automatically.

“A single of the massive issues is that farmers do not really know how significantly is acceptable … and so there is instances exactly where specific areas in your paddock may possibly be more than-watered, other places beneath-watered.

“[The technique] is really enabling the matching of your water to the specifications for those paddocks.”

He said he was confident it would boost farm management, specifically in dry circumstances.

“Farmers … require to consider about appropriately starting their irrigation at the correct time, [so] they’re not allowing the ground to dry out and they are creating positive they keep up with it,” he said.

“[It really is crucial] they don’t drop important productivity just by saying ‘I feel I will just skimp a tiny bit here’, due to the fact when you get behind and it’s quite challenging to catch up and that really impacts efficiency and productivity.”

The irrigation sensor method is in its very first year of a three-year trial period in Tasmania.

Trials aim to beat the heat

Adam Langworthy in his 'crop circle' Photo: Adam Langworthy stands inside the circle of infrared heaters utilized test pasture species resistance to drought. (ABC News: Sallese Gibson)

An additional trial project is using infrared heaters to test pasture species and irrigation strategies.

Project leader Adam Langworthy hopes to determine how diverse grass species respond to irrigation below specific temperatures.

“The project’s looking at how we can overcome the adverse affects of heatwaves over these dry periods,” he stated.

“To impose heatwave stress, we’ve been creating these infrared heater rings.

“It really is virtually like crop circles that we’re making with these heaters.

“We’ll be going through with diverse frequencies of irrigation to see if you’d invest in one thing like a centre pivot compared to a travelling irrigator, how you’d expect your grass to execute below these different frequencies of irrigation.”

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Tasmanian MPs trade insults more than failed sale of Aurora Power

Updated December 02, 2015 10:47:47

Tasmanian Opposition Leader Bryan Green and Energy Minister Matthew Groom have traded individual insults over the failed sale approach of Aurora Energy.

The state-owned business’s performance in its very first year as a standalone electricity retailer under new management is getting examined in government organization scrutiny hearings.

The preceding state government transferred the business’s transmission arm to the newly formed TasNetworks and attempted to sell Aurora’s consumer base, but could not find a buyer.

You’ve turn into increasingly bitter and I feel that is a matter of wonderful regret and it doesn’t do you any justice.

Power Minister Matthew Groom

In a fiery exchange, Mr Green accused Mr Groom of making venomous and hateful comments about Aurora when he was in opposition.

“You accused me of botching the whole method when in reality it was the chair and the senior management you have just been so glowing about in your report,” he said.

“Have you looked the chairman in the eye for the language you used about Aurora and the way they conducted themselves throughout that whole approach?”

Mr Groom said he stood by his earlier assessment of the botched sale approach and described Mr Green’s line of questioning as “pathetic”.

“You can engage in your personal attacks,” he stated.

“It is quite clear that you’ve grow to be increasingly bitter.

“You’ve turn out to be increasingly bitter and I consider that is a matter of wonderful regret and it doesn’t do you any justice.”

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