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School terms to alter in Northern Territory from 2018

By Elliana Lawford

Posted December 10, 2015 22:10:07

The Northern Territory Government has mentioned its changes to the college holiday calendar are being created to stay away from disruptions brought on by the month-lengthy holiday in the middle of the year.

From 2018, the four-week break after term two will be decreased to a three-week break, and students will instead have an further week right after term 3.

Education Minister Peter Chandler mentioned the four-week vacation block impacted students’ education.

“Several educators tell me as a minister that students usually regress slightly by means of that four-week period,” Mr Chandler stated.

“They’re on a higher when they leave term two and by the time they get back to the begin of term three they’ve lost a small bit, so lowering that long break in the middle of the year is the sensible thought.”

Students will also have an added week of schooling in term a single, which will run for 11 weeks instead of ten.

“We’re loading up the front component of the year due to the fact all the educators tell me, most students understand far greater in the very first portion of the year and not so significantly in the second part of the year,” Mr Chandler mentioned.

During Term 4 in the Christmas period, students will now only go to school for nine weeks alternatively of 10.

Education sector has mixed reactions to college terms adjustments

Principal at Bakewell Main School, Paul Nyhuis, welcomed the modify.

“In terms of student outcomes I think this is a genuinely positive way forward, and I think in terms of shortening that mid-year break that is going to be a favourable issue for working parents,” Mr Nyhuis said.

Since of the transit instances in and out of remote communities, a two-week break or a one-week break is not enough time to actually have a break or a vacation.

Jarvis Ryan, Education Union NT

“Operating parents often struggle with obtaining alternate care and becoming capable to accommodate their young men and women for 4 weeks,” he said.

“We usually hear that parents are truly extremely happy to have their students return to school due to the fact of the impact it has on households, specifically functioning households.”

Mr Nyhuis stated the students at Bakewell Principal had been not worried about losing a week of holidays in the course of the dry season.

“Our students are resilient little people and they’ll take pleasure in 3 weeks, it really is nevertheless a bit of time to go camping and then they’re almost certainly prepared to come back to school and see their pals and engage in understanding.”

But the Education Union NT did not agree that the adjustments were optimistic.

Jarvis Ryan from Education Union NT mentioned its members had indicated they did not want the length of college terms changed.

“It’s a opportunity to truly rest and recharge, to have a break, to get back to see household, maybe to travel overseas, and to come back very refreshed for the second half of the year,” Mr Ryan stated.

“Simply because of the transit times in and out of remote communities, a two-week break or a a single-week break is not enough time to really have a break or a vacation.

“The one particular, four, and 1 model was brought up in the Territory especially for our climate, and especially for our life-style in the Best End specifically, and there have been excellent causes for it, and again we do not believe a sturdy case was made as to why that need to be changed,” Mr Ryan stated.

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Red Cross seeks permission to function in IS territory

Posted December 06, 2015 22:23:ten

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says it is attempting to establish relations with the Islamic State group in the hopes of delivering aid to the ten million men and women living below its handle.

“Yes, we are of course hunting at developing a connection [with IS],” the charity’s director-basic Yves Daccord said.

“We have a quite clear humanitarian vision. 1st, what we see is 10 million individuals. Ten million individuals under the control of the Islamic State group [in Iraq and Syria].

“We are interested in these 10 million individuals. What happens to them? What are their troubles? This is what will guide us.”

The comments were produced ahead of an agency conference in Geneva, held each and every 4 years, which gathers some two,000 ICRC staff and national Red Cross/Red Crescent staffers for talks on the challenges facing humanitarian workers in increasingly complex environments.

Mr Daccord said the emergence of armed groups which at instances disregard the need for life-saving help was one of the threats facing the ICRC and groups like it.

He added that organisations searching for to help civilians engulfed by conflict would increasingly want to connect with such groups, regardless of their ideology.

An actor like the ICRC, what we have to do is we truly have to be definitely, deeply humanitarian. No social agenda, no alter agenda …You may possibly have an opinion, but that’s not the dilemma.

ICRC Director-Basic Yves Daccord

“My sense is, most of the international organisations will have to possibly rethink about how they operate in these areas, otherwise they won’t be in a position to [work],” he said.

The ultimate objective is “to operate in close proximity” with these who want help, and to do that, organisations have to “speak to everybody”, Mr Daccord explained.

“You cannot just come from Geneva and count on armed groups to let you operate,” he mentioned.

“You do not construct acceptance from Boko Haram or any armed group in Syria in 1 day. It requires a lot of time and you have to have the proper folks.”

Mr Daccord said it took several years of outreach to Boko Haram just before the ICRC was capable to work in the extremist group’s north-east Nigeria strongholds.

Though perhaps significantly less high-profile than IS, Boko Haram’s atrocities are unrivalled, including the repeated use of children as suicide bombers and numerous massacres and abductions targeting students.

“An actor like the ICRC, what we have to do is we really have to be absolutely, deeply humanitarian. No social agenda, no modify agenda … You might have an opinion, but that’s not the issue,” Mr Daccord said.

To operate in Boko Haram or IS places, an organisation need to be observed as completely “non-partisan”, he stated.

Red Cross faced ‘unprecedented losses’ in Syria

From air strikes on hospitals, to kidnappings targeting help workers, the ICRC has warned of the shrinking space for relief agencies in conflict.

Senior humanitarian leaders have also decried the waning respect for international humanitarian law, such as the Geneva conventions.

Islamic State fighter with shoulder mounted missile Photo: A video nevertheless showing what is claimed to be an Islamic State fighter firing a shoulder-mounted missile (Twitter)

Wars have turn into “much more atrocious in the human suffering they generate”, ICRC president Peter Maurer mentioned in a statement ahead of the conference.

Mr Daccord said it was challenging to evaluate the current era to previous periods in terms of threats facing aid workers.

But he said that in Syria, devastated by a 4-year civil war, the Red Cross has suffered unprecedented losses, with 49 volunteers from the Syrian Red Crescent killed.

“We’ve never ever seen that in our recent history,” Mr Daccord mentioned.

Red Cross workers are also becoming held hostage in Syria and Yemen, where a number of other members of the organisation have also been killed.

Mr Daccord also pointed to what he termed a clear rise in the quantity of wellness workers and wellness facilities targeted in conflict as further proof of the narrowing humanitarian space in war.

“Envision the world in which we will operate if we have no space for men and women to be treated,” Mr Daccord said.


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Syrian troops seize territory from IS in central province

By ALBERT AJI and BASSEM MROUE, Associated Press

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Syrian troops backed by Russian airstrikes captured areas from the Islamic State group in the central province of Homs on Monday, in the latest push since the aerial campaign began nearly two months ago, state media and a monitoring group said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said troops backed by pro-government gunmen entered the town of Mheen and the nearby village of Hawareen after midnight Sunday and were in full control of the area hours later.

Syrian state TV also reported that Mheen and Hawareen were captured, adding that government forces are now removing the mines and explosives left behind by the extremist group to try to slow down the army’s advance.

“A big victory was achieved by our heroes,” said a Syrian TV reporter embedded with government troops in Mheen.

The capture of Mheen and Hawareen helps secure the highway linking the capital Damascus to the central city of Homs. The government’s next push is expected to target the nearby town of Qaryatain and later the historic town of Palmyra, which was taken by IS in May.

Syrian President Bashar Assad said in remarks published Sunday that his forces are advancing on “almost” all fronts thanks to Russian airstrikes.

Russia has conducted an air campaign in Syria since Sept. 30, and the airstrikes have sharply intensified in recent days.

The head of the Observatory, Rami Abdurrahman, said Russian warplanes and helicopter gunships played a major role in opening the way for troops to advance in the desert near Homs. He added that around 50 IS fighters were killed in days of fighting in Mheen, Hawareen and surrounding areas.

Homs-based opposition activist Bebars al-Talawy said that government forces were backed by members of Lebanon’s Hezbollah group.

Syrian troops have captured dozens of villages in northern, western and central Syria since the Russian airstrikes began.

The Observatory said the Russian airstrikes have killed 403 civilians, including 97 children under the age of 18. It said the strikes killed 381 IS fighters as well as 547 gunmen from other insurgent groups.

The Violations Documentation Center in Syria, an activist group that keeps track of Syria’s dead, wounded and missing persons, said that the first 45 days of Russian airstrikes killed 526 civilians, including 137 children and 71 women.

In neighboring Iraq, the country’s Civil Aviation Authority suspended flights to the northern Kurdish self-ruled region for two days starting Monday due to Russia’s air campaign in Syria, it said in a statement late Sunday.

The statement said the suspension of flights to the cities of Irbil and Sulaimaniyah is to “protect travelers” as cruise missiles and bombers cross northern Iraq from the Caspian Sea to Syria. It said airports in other parts of the country will operate normally.

Last month, Russian warships in the Caspian Sea fired cruise missiles nearly 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) over Iran and Iraq.

Russia says its intervention is aimed at helping the Syrian government defeat IS, but local activists and U.S. officials say the strikes have also targeted Western-backed groups fighting to overthrow Assad.

In September, an intelligence sharing center was set up in Baghdad by Russia, Iraq, Iran and Syria to coordinate efforts to combat IS.


Mroue reported from Beirut. Associated Press writer Sinan Salaheddin in Baghdad contributed to this report.

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