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‘Worse than Voldemort’: Trump attacked more than get in touch with for Muslim ban

Updated December 09, 2015 01:40:53

Donald Trump’s contact for a ban on Muslims getting into the United States has been met with scorn and criticism, with Harry Potter author JK Rowling labelling him worse than her fictional villain Voldemort.

Mr Trump, who is the Republican’s presidential front-runner, named for a “total and total shutdown of Muslims getting into the nation”, claiming there was “excellent hatred towards Americans by large segments of the Muslim population”.

“Exactly where this hatred comes from and why we will have to determine,” he stated in a earlier statement.

“Until we are in a position to determine and comprehend this dilemma and the unsafe threat it poses, our nation can’t be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad, and have no sense of explanation or respect for human life.”

His announcement of the proposal at a rally in South Carolina was met with cheers.

“How horrible, Voldemort was nowhere near as negative,” Rowling mentioned in a tweet.

US politicians — both Republicans and Democrats — and the United Nations’ refugee agency have also questioned the proposal.

UNHCR spokeswoman Melissa Fleming, asked about Mr Trump’s remarks, said they could endanger the system for resettling Syrian refugees in the US.

“What the candidate you are speaking of was speaking of was an whole population but this also impacts the refugee system,” she mentioned.

Rival Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said was Mr Trump “unhinged”, even though Marco Rubio said the comments had been “offensive and outlandish”.

External Hyperlink: JK Rowling tweet on Trump

Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton said the comments had been “reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive”.

“You never get it. This tends to make us significantly less safe,” she tweeted.

Dick Cheney, former Republican vice-president under George W Bush, mentioned banning Muslims would go against everything the US stood for.

“Religious freedom has been a extremely critical part of our history. My ancestors got here since they had been Puritans,” he mentioned.

“It really is a mistaken notion.”

‘We are a weak nation when we allow xenophobia to divide us’

Bernie Sanders, an additional Democrat presidential hopeful, mentioned the comments had been racist and divisive.

“Demagogues throughout our history have attempted to divide us primarily based on race, gender, sexual orientation or nation of origin,” he tweeted.

“Now, Trump and other folks want us to hate all Muslims.

“The United States is a fantastic nation when we stand collectively. We are a weak nation when we let racism and xenophobia to divide us.”

External Hyperlink: Hillary Clinton’s tweet on proposed Muslim ban

Mr Trump’s comments resonated with some Republicans and commentators, including Ann Coulter who tweeted: “Go Trump, go!”

About 100,000 refugees are resettled worldwide each and every year, such as to the US, the biggest recipient beneath the UNHCR’s system.

The screening method takes up to two years and priority is offered to the most vulnerable, like girls, Ms Fleming said.

“The [Obama] administration has been standing by the system. This is most scrutinised population coming into the United States,” she added.

Up to 40 US governors had spoken out against the resettlement plan, the UNHCR mentioned.

“We are concerned that the rhetoric that is getting used in the election campaign is putting an incredibly essential resettlement system at risk that is meant for the most vulnerable men and women — the victims of the wars that the planet is unable to quit,” Ms Fleming stated.

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South Korea activists protest labour policies, get in touch with for Park’s apology

Posted December 05, 2015 23:17:55

Protesters at a rally in South Korea Photo: Protesters at an anti-government rally in central Seoul. The the sign in centre reads: “listen to people’s voice”. (Reuters: Kim Hong-Ji)

Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters have marched by means of downtown Seoul, demanding that South Korean president Park Geun-hye apologise for cracking down on a protest last month when farm and labour activists clashed with police.

An estimated crowd of 30,000 individuals, a lot of of them wearing masks in defiance of Ms Park’s call for a ban on mask-wearing during protests.

They marched by way of the city centre behind a banner reading “Resign Park Geun-Hye”, chanting slogans.

Saturday’s rally in the capital drew around 14,000 men and women, according to police estimates, far fewer than the 60,000 that attended the rally on November 14.

It went ahead following a court rejected the government’s request for an injunction produced in the aftermath of the violent scenes at the earlier demonstration, which had been organised by some of the country’s most militant activist groups to protest against Ms Park’s labour marketplace and education policies.

External Hyperlink: Video shows protesters in downtown Seoul calling for president Park Geun-hye to apologise

Ms Park’s conservative government plans to make it achievable for employers to dismiss workers based on functionality and to cap the salaries of senior staff in order to encourage employers to hire younger people and ease youth unemployment.

Activists had been also protesting against Ms Park’s choice to replace privately published college history textbooks with government versions, a move they say is an try to whitewash military dictators’ oppression of democracy and human rights in South Korea till the mid-1980s.

Charges were laid against dozens of men and women in the wake of the rally last month, which saw riot police use water cannon and pepper spray soon after some protesters attacked police with metal pipes and sharpened bamboo sticks.

An arrest warrant has been issued against the head of the militant Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), who has taken sanctuary in a Buddhist temple in Seoul, from where, on Saturday, he repeated a get in touch with for a common strike.

“What is our demand? Cease the move to worsen labour circumstances that only fattens capitalists,” KCTU chief Han Sang-gyun stated in his video message to the rally.

KCTU has regularly issued calls for a common strike in current years but the only considerable action taken has been rotating function stoppages at locations exactly where unionised labour is extremely organised.

There is broad public assistance for Ms Park’s labour policy.

A Gallup poll released in September of 1,002 respondents showed more than 70 per cent support for the plan to make firing less complicated and to cap greater income earners’ salaries.


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Timber executive rejects ‘conspiracy theories’ raised in get in touch with for royal commission

Posted December 03, 2015 16:40:48

The executive director of timber organization Ta Ann Tasmania has been granted a correct of reply in Federal Parliament to comments made by independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

The Denison MP had tabled a document and addressed Parliament in June calling for a royal commission into subsidies to state-owned Forestry Tasmania.

Mr Wilkie mentioned Evan Rolley, who was the managing director of Forestry Tasmania from 1994 till 2006, ought to be the very first witness to the inquiry.

The citizen’s correct of reply was tabled in Federal Parliament these days and incorporated into Hansard.

The proper of reply particulars Mr Rolley’s issues about the document.

“The documents presented by Mr Wilkie have been never discussed by him with me to verify on any matters of truth,” Mr Rolley mentioned.

“They contain several critical errors of reality, make defamatory references without having foundation and are primarily based on well-liked conspiracy theories.”

In it, Mr Rolley stated he rejected the parts of the documents presented by Mr Wilkie which reflected on him and his reputation.

“Forestry Tasmania and Ta Ann Tasmania have operated each ethically and legally in their industrial dealings that arose from a competitive expressions of interest process to create worth-adding neighborhood manufacturing of previously exported hardwood woodchip logs in Tasmania,” he said.

In granting the proper of reply, the Federal Parliament’s Privileges Committee said it had not deemed or judged the truth of any statements produced by members in the Property or by the particular person in search of a response.

External Link: Evan Rolley right of reply

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In their words: World leaders get in touch with for climate action in Paris

Posted December 01, 2015 09:26:32

Map: France

Globe leaders speak at the climate change summit in Paris.

Our agreement in Paris should give a typical platform for action. Australia is not daunted by the challenge. With fantastic optimism and faith in humanity’s genius for invention, we are confident that with collective leadership we will, with common cause, secure our future.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

As the leader of the world’s biggest economy and the second largest [greenhouse gas] emitter … the United States of America not only recognises our role in creating this difficulty, we embrace our duty to do anything about it.

Barack Obama, US president

Developed nations ought to honour their commitment of mobilising $ US100 billion every year from 2020 and offer stronger monetary assistance to establishing countries afterwards … It is also important that climate-friendly technologies be transferred to developing nations.

Xi Jinping, Chinese president

Infographic: Tuvalu prime minister Enele Sopoaga.

[Governments need to show the strongest leadership to limit] the effects of climate modify which we strongly think is also the cause of radicalism and terrorism. The plight of refugees we see today … and increasing terrorisms and radicalism represents a small measure of what the planet, mankind, will face if we do not tackle climate alter.

Tuvalu prime minister Enele Sopoaga

To resolve the climate crisis, very good will [and] statements of intent are not sufficient … We are at breaking point.

Francois Hollande, French president

This is a question of environmental necessity, but also of economic frequent sense … Our really future as humankind hinges on this … Billions of individuals are pinning their hopes on what we attain here in Paris.

Angela Merkel, German chancellor

Infographic: President of Comoros Ikililou Dhoinine.

We have to accept the reality that climate alter is accelerating more quickly than climate adjust negotiations.

President of Comoros Ikililou Dhoinine

We think about it crucial that the new climate agreement is based on the principles of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and is legally binding. Each created and creating economies must take portion in its realisation.

Vladimir Putin, Russian president

Climate modify is a major global challenge. But it is not of our creating … We want the world to perform with urgency. We want a complete, equitable and tough agreement which should lead us to restore the balance between humanity and nature and in between what we have inherited and what we will leave behind.

Narendra Modi, Indian prime minister

I urge you to instruct your negotiators to decide on the path of compromise and consensus. Bold climate action is in the national interest of every single country represented at this conference. The time for brinksmanship is over.

Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general

Infographic: Honduran President Juan Hernandez delivers a speech at the COP 21 United Nations conference on climate alter, on November 30, 2015 at Le Bourget (AFP: Jacques Demarthon)

For Honduras, climate modify is a matter of life and death. The figures never add up … we are not all equally responsible. We have not come cap in hand … we come to show you how??much we endure.

President of Honduras Juan Hernandez

If the planet have been a patient, we would have treated her long ago. You, ladies and gentlemen, have the power to place her on life support, and you need to surely begin the emergency procedures with no further procrastination.

Prince Charles of Britain

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