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Teen mums uncover new classroom soon after schools turn them away

Posted December 11, 2015 09:38:47

Young mothers Photo: Young mothers Jessica, 19, Sasha, 18, and Rebecca, 22, have received their year 11 VCAL certificates even though studying in a Melbourne City Mission classroom for mums and bubs. (ABC Local: Clare Rawlinson)
Map: Melbourne 3000

A group of teenage mothers in Melbourne has graduated year 11 by way of a specially tailored classroom soon after being turned away by their higher schools.

The mums and bubs classroom run by Melbourne City Mission provides a versatile understanding atmosphere with cots, modify tables and toys alongside students’ desks.

Sasha, 18, said she would not have been capable to continue her education in a mainstream school simply because of stigma and a lack of help.

“Upon telling my school I was pregnant, I was asked to leave simply because they felt they could not cater to my predicament,” she stated.

“That threw me in the deep finish … but I was determined to continue my education.”

My son is seeking up at me now as his function model so I do not want him to be disappointed in me.

Jessica, 19, year 11 graduate and mother

The judgment that came with her pregnancy at the age of 16, Sasha believes, contributed to a period of post-natal depression.

An additional student, 19-year-old Jessica, said she was only in a position to continue her education since of the specialised classroom.

Jessica was 15 when she became pregnant and she mentioned it was the wake-up call she necessary to finish her schooling.

“Obviously I didn’t strategy to get pregnant but I wouldn’t alter it for the planet,” she mentioned.

“If I did not get pregnant I would have been a dropout doing absolutely nothing with life.

“My son is hunting up at me now as his role model so I do not want him to be disappointed in me.”

Each student at the mums and bubs classroom has a personal education strategy and a support worker on hand for their kids whilst in class.

Calls for education policy to support teenage mothers

About 25,000 teenagers turn into pregnant in Australia every year.

But according to the Brave Foundation for young mothers, mainstream schools have a lengthy way to go towards supporting them.

Brave Foundation chief executive Bernadette Black mentioned teenage mothers were 40 per cent less likely to finish year 12 and 54 per cent less most likely to uncover employment.

Stigma and shame were major contributors to social isolation and post-natal depression, said Ms Black who herself became pregnant at 16.

Bernadette Black at age 17, with son Damien in 2003. Photo: Bernadette Black at age 17 with her son Damien in 1993. (Supplied)

In 1 South Australian higher school, a principal looking for guidance from the Brave Foundation proposed to send a letter to all parents at the college apologising for one student’s pregnancy.

Ms Black mentioned reactions like that were often grounded in a belief that supporting young mums would glamorise teen pregnancy.

“Data shows those who get assistance and acceptance have greater outcomes, and the incidence [of teenage pregnancy] really decreased when there was a assistance plan in a secondary school,” she said.

“The children around the system actually saw what a large slog it was to go to college with a infant.”

A spokesman for Victoria’s Department of Education, Steve Tolley, stated students who did not receive assistance from their schools although pregnant must report the matter to the department. 

Mr Tolley stated pregnant or parenting students have the correct to continue schooling, but need to offer a medical certificate endorsing their attendance soon after 35 weeks gestation.

He added the division supported versatile finding out and distance education choices for teenage mothers.

But the Brave Foundation is campaigning for the creation of a far more complete education policy for young mums.

Jessica said that she wished there had been a mainstream college willing to be supportive of her pregnancy.

“Providing us methods to cope isn’t condoning young girls to go out and get pregnant,” she said.

“It really is giving the girls who did get pregnant the opportunities to go out and make the very best of what’s happened, so we will not be these stereotypical young mums that do not do something.”

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Hydro Tasmania may turn to energy plant to meet energy requirements

Posted December 03, 2015 18:50:09

Hydro Tasmania considers it a “affordable opportunity” it will need to fire up the costly Tamar Valley energy station to meet the state’s energy demands, as record low rainfalls wipe out the business’s forecast profits.

Hydro Tasmania has not run the gas-fired plant in the state’s north because it was forced to obtain it from Aurora Power in July 2013.

As water storage levels drop to just 26 per cent, severely restricting Hydro’s capacity to generate power, Hydro may possibly have to turn to the alternative power source.

Hydro Tasmania chief executive Stephen Davy said nearly 40 per cent of the state’s electrical energy wants had been imported from coal-fired plants in Victoria in November.

“There would be a point at which the price tag of imports would mean that it would be greater to run the gas plant,” Mr Davy mentioned.

“We consider it to be a affordable likelihood simply because we’re receiving ready for that at the moment.”

Even without bearing the expense of operating the Tamar Valley energy station, lost income from not becoming capable to generate and sell power will hurt this year’s economic outcomes.

Mr Davy would not put a figure on how significantly the organization had lost so far.

The profit that we have been forecasting to make for this year is not looking probably.

Stephen Davy

“The profit that we have been forecasting to make for this year is not searching most likely,” he stated.

He reassured shoppers that Hydro’s financial woes and the cost of imported energy would not effect on household energy rates, which are set by the economic regulator.

Even so, the State Government is not as fortunate and will likely have to forego millions in forecast dividends from the as soon as hugely profitable business.

The Government will still reap a $ 25 million dividend from Hydro this monetary year simply because the figure is calculated on the outcome for the preceding 12 months, but the forecast $ 19 million for subsequent year now seems unlikely.

Tamar Valley energy plant sale rethink urged

Earlier this year, the Government authorized a partial sale of the gas-fired power plant.

State Opposition Leader Bryan Green mentioned the dry circumstances showed the state could not afford to lose the alternative energy supply.

Mr Green recommended Energy Minister Matthew Groom ought to worth the asset as a potential “saviour of our state” and urged Hydro to fire it up alternatively of importing so much.

“We have a combined cycle unit that can produce about 210 megawatts of energy sitting idle that could potentially create that power less expensive than what we’re importing it for,” he mentioned.

Greens leader Cassy O’Connor stated the plant would provide a short-term remedy only.

“We need extended-term pondering here, we require investment in energy efficiency, we require to produce incentives for individuals to have their personal, solar and batteries, and we need to have to have the proper policies in place so private investors are investing in renewable energy in Tasmania,” Ms O’Connor mentioned.

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Thousands turn out in Brisbane march calling for climate change action

Posted November 28, 2015 12:18:05

Thousands gather in Queen's Park for a climate action rally through Brisbane. Photo: Thousands collect in Queen’s Park for a climate action rally by way of Brisbane. (ABC News: Matt Eaton)
Map: Brisbane 4000

About five,000 folks have braved hot and humid weather in the Brisbane CBD for a climate change rally ahead of United Nations climate talks in Paris subsequent week.

They included members of the Pacific Climate group, who spoke at the rally to raise issues that many Pacific islands would face catastrophic sea level rise without having critical international effort to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

The protest is one of a number of demonstrations planned across Australia this weekend.

From the gathering point in Queen’s Park, the rally started a march through the CBD and across the Brisbane River to South Bank.

Ipswich couple Ray and Robin McGuire mentioned they have been attending since they wanted the Queensland and federal governments to halt Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland.

“We adhere to the (climate alter) problem extremely closely,” Mr McGuire mentioned.

Ray and Robin McGuire came from Ipswich to attend the Brisbane climate rally. Photo: Ray and Robin McGuire came from Ipswich to attend the Brisbane climate rally. (ABC News: Matt Eaton)

“We’re concerned about the Pacific islands and what will take place to them. In the end, it really is a moral choice individuals have to make.”

Mrs McGuire said she was fed up when she thought about how much the climate had currently changed given that she was a youngster.

“The ethical basis of economics and politics is unreal,” she mentioned.

“We want to quit the Carmichael mine, but also update policy and assistance for renewables.”

Queensland Government releases land clearing report

Ahead of the rally, the Queensland Government released a report that revealed land clearing rates across the state doubled in the initial two years of the former LNP government.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad said the report outlined an alarming trend on land clearing.

“I am really concerned about what the science is telling us – land clearing and connected emissions have improved exponentially under the LNP,” she stated.

“That is why the Palaszczuk Government will introduce legislation early subsequent year to much more successfully manage vegetation clearing in Queensland.”

Ms Trad said the Government would also do its very best to minimise “panic clearing” ahead of any tightening in restrictions.

Scientist Dr Martin Taylor from the environmental group WWF Australia said the Queensland report figures revealed in 2013-14 there was 35.8 million tonnes of carbon released by land clearing across the state – the equivalent of adding yet another 8 million cars to the roads.

Pacific Climate Warriors told the rally Pacific islanders are facing a climate catastrophe. Photo: Pacific Climate Warriors told the rally Pacific islanders are facing a climate catastrophe. (ABC News: Matt Eaton)

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Investigation shows how outsourcing can turn to illegal behaviour: CCC

Posted November 27, 2015 21:46:48

Counsel assisting Alan Troy. Photo: Counsel assisting Alan Troy said public authorities are potentially vulnerable when functions are outsourced. (ABC News)

An investigation into the Division of Transport has shown how outsourcing can lead to illegal behaviour, the West Australian Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) has been told.

The watchdog has been told 3 folks have engaged in serious misconduct.

The CCC has completed public hearings as component of its inquiry into department contractors taking cash in return for passes on driving tests, and certifications on autos.

It is alleged men and women took money in return for passes for driving tests that had been not carried out, and certifications for cars not inspected or even seen.

Counsel assisting Alan Troy told the commission that when a government department outsources functions, unscrupulous private contractors can take advantage.

“They can kind mutually advantageous relationships with far more sinister folks,” he said.

“They can induce other public officers into neglecting their ethical responsibilities.”

In current years, the Department of Transport focused on offering greater access to practical driving assessments and car licensing examinations.

This was accomplished by contracting such public solutions to private individuals.

Mr Troy mentioned this came at a expense.

“Whilst greed and unethical behaviour played a role, this investigation illustrates how public authorities are potentially vulnerable when functions are outsourced to private providers,” he mentioned.

“Government departments should be alive to the possibility of corrupt behaviour and offer sufficient resources and capacity for the required audit and governance functions.

“The mere transfer of a function of government to a private contractor need to not result in a weakening of authority and manage.

“It is much more difficult for government departments to promote a corruption resistant culture in an outsourcing model.”

Mr Troy mentioned “significant misconduct has been established, it is submitted, as against Briotti, Berardis and Pintabona”.

Gregory Briotti 1 of the watchdog’s targets

1 of the CCC’s targets was Gregory Briotti.

In 2008, Mr Briotti was a councillor in the Shire of Koorda, 235 kilometres east of Perth when he became a sensible driving assessor.

Mr Troy told the commission that “over a number of years he obtained money payments from different persons in exchange for not subjecting those persons to a practical driving assessment”.

Mr Troy said Mr Briotti “concocted paperwork” to claim that folks had passed a test at Koorda or Dowerin, when all they had done was turn up at his property in Helena Valley and spend cash.

Mr Briotti would fill out an assessment sheet, creating it appear like they had passed a test.

Although it was not known when the practice started, Mr Troy said the CCC had information that indicated he was operating outdoors his contract as far back as 2010.

At a single time, the quantity of metro customers who were getting Practical Driving Assessments conducted in Koorda went up 467 per cent.

Consumers were referred to him, which includes people who were members of or associated with the Rebels bikie gang.

Mr Troy stated that by his own proof, Mr Briotti had received “bribes of some $ 40,000 to $ 50,000”, but it was “probably to be far a lot more”.

Mr Briotti was suspended in Could 2015 when, Mr Troy stated, he “apparently began to comprehend that he should not be undertaking it”.

Berardis had 94pc pass price

Alfonso Berardis was a car examiner operating from Favazzos Engineering and Mechanical Workshop in Spearwood.

Mr Troy told the commission that Mr Berardis “seemingly” examined more than 7,000 vehicles for the department from August 2011 till September 2014 when the contract was terminated.

Mr Troy said there was “an exceptionally higher pass price, on initial inspection, for automobiles examined by Berardis, namely 94 per cent”.

He stated Mr Berardis’s explanation that he allowed consumers with defective vehicles up to four weeks to return with the defects fixed, with out incurring further charge, “was not convincing”.

In the course of 3 months of surveillance of Favazzos in 2014, dealers and repairers including Cannington Auto Residence, Perth Motor Sports, Total Nissan, XPlorer Floats, the Pollard Transport Group, Bucciarelli Automotive, Basilio Autos, Andrew Kemp and Croc Energy motor cycles “did not present autos for inspection at all”.

Mr Troy mentioned the specifics have been emailed, telephoned or delivered to Mr Berdaris and the automobile was not even sighted.

The surveillance showed that of 567 automobiles passed by Favazzos in that period, just more than half have been not inspected.

Mr Berardis had repeatedly denied that he had any such arrangement in location, with the exception of a once only occasion.

He claimed he had “done ‘offsite inspections’ or that he had noticed the relevant car ‘previously’ or that he couldn’t recall the particular vehicle,” Mr Troy mentioned.

Mr Troy told the commission Mr Berardis was “evasive in providing evidence”.

He said Mr Berardis “demonstrated no issues about passing vehicles, without having inspection, for people he had not met”.

Pintabona ‘agreed to pass cars he had not seen’

Troy Pintabona became an authorised vehicle examiner in April 2013, to inspect cars at Crypton Autos.

Mr Troy told the CCC there were occasions when Mr Pintabona examined a vehicle and received a sum of money higher than the prescribed charge.

Mr Troy also detailed a series of instances for the duration of which Mr Pintabona agreed to pass autos he had not seen, or simply must not have been certified because necessary repairs had not been carried out.

This incorporated taxis, Mr Troy stated.

He also told the commission that Mr Pintabona sometimes examined vehicles off the premises of Crypton Autos, contrary to his agreement with the department.

Division considers ‘dob-in’ line

Counsel for the Department of Transport Darren Renton told the CCC the department welcomed the opportunity to operate co-operatively with it on the concern.

Mr Renton said that “without having recourse to the commission’s assistance”, a lot of what had come to light would not have completed so.

But Mr Renton stated the misconduct risks identified existed “irrespective of whether the solutions are supplied internally or externally”.

He mentioned that even though “good systems can be produced far better”, the department did not have access to an unlimited spending budget or sources.

The division had, nevertheless, taken steps to improve approaches to detect misconduct and irregularities.

Among the modifications have been new computer software, unannounced inspections and audits to all areas, and a commitment to higher education of contractors.

There would be a assessment of driving assessments, a evaluation of systems to ensure automobile defects have been fixed, much more rigorous checking of invoices, and far better reporting to management.

There would also be enhanced “meet and greet” procedures to make certain an “examinee” truly turned up for an examination.

An ongoing criminal history check of contractual partners was getting proposed and Mr Renton said a “dob-in” line was getting regarded as so that contractors could inform the division of stress from “external elements”.

Public safety an situation

Commissioner John McKechnie mentioned they have been the 1st CCC public hearings for some time.

He stated the examinations had been essential simply because of the element of public safety.

The Commissioner mentioned there was a material threat to public safety if unqualified drivers or uninspected automobiles were permitted on the roads.

The public hearings formed only a portion of an investigation which has occurred over nearly two years.

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Eight years later, you can finally turn off Rock Band’s kick drum pedal

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Following a December 8 update, you are going to be able to throw this out the window if you want.

For almost exactly eight years now, Rock Band‘s kick pedal has presented a steep learning curve for wary new drummers. At the simpler troubles, tapping the drum’s 4 colored pads in time with the music isn’t that tough on its personal, nor is tapping a kick pedal with your foot every single few beats. But carrying out each at after demands a type of coordination and limb independence that most men and women don’t naturally have. And let’s not forget the possible drummers who are physically unable to function a kick pedal for what ever explanation.

Excellent news for those groups today, as Harmonix has announced that Rock Band 4 players will get selection to ignore the kick pedal by way of a downloadable update on December 8. An in-game selection will let the game play the bass drum portion automatically whilst players hit the plastic skins. This feature was apparently offered in Lego Rock Band, but has been missing from the series’ major entries till now (exciting truth: The Ideal Purchase demo stations for the original Rock Band had been also missing assistance for the kick pedal, probably because drummers had to play standing).

Ultimately, those wary wallflowers at a party will not be in a position to use a straightforward foot pedal as an excuse not to try the drums, and uncoordinated parents will be capable to jam along with their kids that significantly far more easily. “It is a genuinely niche feature, but it is been requested for a lengthy time,” Harmonix spokesman Eric Pope told Ars. “It has basically been requested for all of Rock Band.”

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