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Malcolm Turnbull to unveil plan to treat terrorists like paedophiles

Posted December 11, 2015 00:12:00

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will today urge state and territory leaders to pass legislation that would see some terrorists locked up indefinitely, like paedophiles.

Such laws could have observed 1 of Islamic State’s most notorious Australian fighters, Khaled Sharrouf, stay in prison, if he had been deemed probably to commit one more offence.

Mr Turnbull has put the notion on the agenda for his meeting with premiers and chief ministers in Sydney right now.

The head of Federal Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, Dan Tehan, mentioned the Charlie Hebdo attack in France justified such measures.

“Sadly we’ve observed in France, where we’ve had men and women convicted of terrorism, undertaking time, coming out and in the instance of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, then carrying out a brutal terrorist act,” he said.

“At house, reports of Australian terrorists and prison gangs employing their time in jail to recruit and radicalise other inmates are equally disturbing.”

Under the program, the energy to indefinitely detain a terrorist would rest with state and territory Supreme Courts.

“Where men and women are a danger to society right after they have served their time for conviction, as we do with sex and as we do with violent offenders … then they should be put into preventative detention,” Mr Tehan said.

He stated he hoped the states and territories would agree to pass the essential laws in their jurisdictions, soon after today’s talks.

“This is a gap in our existing technique, this is a gap which potentially presents a danger to the community’s safety,” he stated.

As opposed to the legislation Parliament lately passed to strip dual citizens of their Australian citizenship if they commit a terrorist act, the proposal would apply to any Australian citizen.

There are at present nine convicted terrorists in jail in New South Wales and four in Victoria.

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Turnbull urged to ‘pull Abbott into line’ over Islam comments

Updated December 09, 2015 11:28:11

Labor has likened Tony Abbott to Donald Trump, soon after the former prime minister referred to as for a “religious revolution” inside Islam and declared “all cultures are not equal”.

Mr Abbott created the comments in a wide-ranging interview with Sky News final night, and followed up with an opinion column published by News Corp these days.

“All of these items that Islam has never had — a Reformation, an Enlightenment, a nicely-created concept of the separation of church and state — that needs to come about,” Mr Abbott stated.

“It is not culturally insensitive to demand loyalty to Australia and respect for Western civilisation.

“Cultures are not all equal. We should be prepared to proclaim the clear superiority of our culture to one particular that justifies killing folks in the name of God.”

Labor frontbencher Andrew Leigh described the comments as “strange”.

“I do not think the correct part for Tony Abbott is to be an Australian Donald Trump, and I do not think anybody imagines that if there are sensitive conversations to be had within the Muslim community, that our most divisive prime minister is the correct person to lead those conversations.”

Labor frontbencher, and the only Muslim MP in federal parliament, Ed Husic said the comments appeared to be portion of a broader effort to “Trumpify” Australian politics.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten referred to as on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to “pull Tony Abbott into line”.

“Producing assertions about cultural and religious superiority is totally counterproductive,” Mr Shorten said.

“Inflammatory language undermines efforts to build social cohesion, mutual respect and has the possible to harm the efforts of national security agencies to preserve Australians secure.”

Yesterday Mr Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, referred to as for a “total and total shutdown” of Muslims getting into the US, claiming there was “great hatred towards Americans by massive segments of the Muslim population”.

His comments drew fire from all sides of the US political spectrum, with everybody from Hillary Clinton to Dick Cheney saying banning a specific religious or ethnic group would go against almost everything America stood for.

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First posted December 09, 2015 11:20:03

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Macfarlane switch an internal matter, Turnbull says

Updated December 07, 2015 22:13:35

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has sidestepped inquiries about Ian Macfarlane’s selection to switch to the National Celebration in his initial extended-kind interview since last week’s announcement.

Liberal MPs lashed out at Mr Macfarlane following he revealed his intention to switch parties and accused him of showing “naked ambition” and “gaming the system” to return to the frontbench.

When asked about his reaction to the move, Mr Turnbull told 7.30 it was an internal matter for the Queensland Liberal-National party.

“I feel there are some troubles to be sorted out with the LNP in Queensland but these internal celebration matters, I feel we should hold internal to the Coalition,” Mr Turnbull said.

Mr Turnbull stated he dumped Mr Macfarlane from Cabinet in September simply because he wanted to make way for new talent, not because of the minister’s efficiency.

“He is a pal of mine, he’s been a quite capable minister,” he mentioned.

“[But] there are only so many locations in the Cabinet and you can’t bring new talent up unless some of the older talent moves on.”

Even though the LNP State Executive still demands to sign off on Mr Macfarlane’s move, the National Celebration is using the defection to push for a fourth Cabinet position.

It is understood this is also a move by the Queensland LNP branch to boost its influence over the Nationals party area in Canberra.

The celebration at the moment holds 3 spots in Cabinet, but it argues that below a formula contained in the Coalition agreement, it is now entitled to 3.76.

According to Treasurer Scott Morrison, the Nationals should not hold their breath.

“What the Coalition agreement says is that when there is a reshuffle, that is when the leader decides to do 1 or when there is an election, then you have to take into account the proportions of the two parties, so what this does, is does not adjust anything,” Mr Morrison mentioned.

Some MPs have suggested Mr Turnbull could use the chance to demote his Specific Minister of State, Mal Brough, who is below siege more than his involvement in the Peter Slipper affair.

When asked whether Mr Brough had already presented to stand down, Mr Turnbull told 7.30 he stated he did not want “to go into discussions amongst myself and ministers on this matter”.

The LNP State Executive is expected to meet on Monday to approve or reject Mr Macfarlane’s move.

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Evaluation: Turnbull sets out his stall as innovation PM

Updated December 07, 2015 13:05:22

Associated Story: Turnbull unveils $ 1b vision for ‘modern, dynamic’ Australia
Map: Australia

The $ 1 billion innovation statement is emblematic of how Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants his Government to be defined.

It is meant to be study as embracing threat, future-focused, organization-oriented, optimistic, and to use 1 Malcolm Turnbull’s favourite words, “agile”.

It is also meant to be a break with the austere Abbott era, but it does have a natty slogan “Welcome to the ideas boom”.

It opens with the Prime Minister’s favourite phrase: “There has by no means been a much more fascinating time to be Australian.”

The package combines tax incentives, funding injections, fine words and rebadging and reallocating money.

The initiatives have been broken down into four headings: Culture and Capital Collaboration: Talent and Skill and utilizing Government as an Exemplar.

Culture and Capital

The Government says about four,500 start-ups miss out on equity finance each and every year. It will attempt and alter that through tax breaks and incentives such as providing early stage investors a 20 per cent non-refundable tax offset primarily based on the quantity of their investment, as nicely as a capital gains tax exemption.

There will be a ten per cent non-refundable tax offset for capital invested in early stage venture capital restricted partnerships. The cap on committed capital will be lifted from $ one hundred million to $ 200 million.

There will be a relaxation of the laws on claiming losses if a organization adjustments company activities.

Deductions on some intangible assets (like patents) will be depreciated over a legislated timeframe, rather than more than the economic life of the asset.

The bankruptcy laws will be reformed to encourage, reasonable, risk with the default bankruptcy period reduced from 3 years to one.

A “safe harbour” will be designed for directors to limit private liability for insolvent trading

There will be a ban on contractual clauses that allow an agreement to be terminated solely due to insolvency if a organization is being restructured.

A new $ 200m CSIRO Innovation Fund will be established, as will a $ 250m Biomedical Translation Fund


This aims to get the very best and brightest in enterprise and research functioning with each other

There is now decade-long funding certainty for world class study infrastructure such as the Australian Synchrotron.

Analysis grant funding will be streamlined and refocused on collaboration.

The Research Connections system will be rebranded and relaunched as Innovation Connections.

Australia will enhance its links with important economies to allow Australians to have “landing pads” in areas like Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, Israel.

There is also a lot more funding for Australian collaborations with international analysis industry clusters, like these in Germany.

The Government will establish a Cyber Safety Development Centre, and invest $ 26m in quantum computing.

Talent and Skill

The Government says Australians have to have the skills to get higher-wage, high productivity jobs.

To that finish there is $ 51m for coding applications for years five to 7, skilling teachers and targeting STEM (science, technologies, engineering and maths) programs.

There will be $ 13 million to support higher participation of girls and women in analysis and STEM industries.

There will be $ 48m invested in encouraging students to participate in science and maths.

A new Entrepreneurs Visa will be introduced, encouraging the world’s talented to move to Australia.

Government as an Exemplar

The Government says it wants to adjust the way it does organization by obtaining a single physique accountable for the extended-term direction of its innovation program, by way of a new statutory board badged as Innovation and Science Australia.

The $ 5 billion the Government spends every single year on info and communications technology will be created more accessible for modest and medium enterprise by enhancing the Digital Transformation Office’s solutions and setting up a Digital Marketplace.

The way Federal Government procurement functions will be changed, with tiny and medium enterprises challenged to offer you solutions rather than respond to tenders.

The Government will also introduce measures to make far better use of the vast array of public data.

New investment comes after deep spending budget cuts

The tax alterations will, no doubt, draw a lot of interest but the new investment is not quite what it may look at initial blush

On science and technology this package only just starts to undo the cuts inflicted by the Coalition’s 2014-15 price range. Then the Government reduce $ 147 billion from three agencies, with the CSIRO alone losing $ 111 million. That was on best of the two per cent efficiency dividend.

In 2014 another $ 200 million was reduce from the Defence Science and Technologies Organisation ($ 120m) and the Cooperative Investigation Centres ($ 80m).

It led the Parliamentary Library to conclude that after the 2014-15 spending budget, Government funding for study and improvement matched historic lows when measured against 37 years of budgets.

External Hyperlink: Document cloud, parliamentary report

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Turnbull to unveil 20 measures to foster innovation

Posted December 07, 2015 06:02:29

In his 1st significant financial statement as Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull will right now announce 20 measures to foster higher innovation, across 11 various government portfolios.

The Government will unveil plans in the locations of tax, research infrastructure, and education in the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths – in a bid to “kick start an innovation culture”.

The ABC has been told there will be “substantial spending” as component of the innovation statement.

It will be detailed by Mr Turnbull and Innovation and Science Minister Christopher Pyne at the CSIRO in Canberra at 12:30pm (AEDT).

Considering that taking more than as Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull has vowed to place innovation at the heart of his Government’s agenda, especially in the places of climate adjust and escalating productivity and economic development.

Labor sought to get on the front-foot on Friday, announcing its personal suite of 20 measures to encourage innovation, specifically in regional Australia.

“We’ll wait with bated breath, like many folks are, to see if the innovation statement lives up to all the hype,” mentioned Ed Husic, Labor’s spokesman on digital innovation and start off-ups.

He pointed out that the CSIRO, the place for today’s announcement, has had to cut 140 jobs as a outcome of budget cuts by the Coalition Government.

Millions of dollars have also been reduce from other national science and analysis institutions, such as Cooperative Analysis Centres, the Research Instruction Scheme, Geoscience Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology.

“As considerably as we welcome the fact that the Government is generating this innovation statement, it truly is crucial for them to spell out all the damage triggered by the cuts,” Mr Husic said.

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Reside: Turnbull back, Bishop questioned more than charter jet


Updated December 02, 2015 07:50:44

Map: Australia

Malcolm Turnbull has arrived house from Paris and Julie Bishop is facing inquiries over her use of a private jet to pick her up from a charity dinner.

Adhere to the day in politics live.

External Hyperlink: Link to ABC politics blog December 2

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1st posted December 02, 2015 07:49:19

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Turnbull a ‘breath of fresh air’: Bishop

Updated November 28, 2015 21:11:07

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has described Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a “breath of fresh air”, although promoting the Coalition’s climate change policy ahead of United Nations talks in Paris next week.

Ms Bishop made the comments in the course of an address to the Liberal Party’s Victorian state conference in Geelong today.

She told the delegates the Prime Minister had brought in a “fresh, dynamic, optimistic confident narrative” since ousting former leader Tony Abbott in September.

“The Australian people are listening and they like what they hear, and Malcolm, he’s been a breath of fresh air across the country,” she mentioned.

“I have visited many electorates considering that the change in leadership and it has been welcomed by a lot of men and women.”

Mr Turnbull was absent from the conference and is attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Malta, exactly where climate alter is high on the agenda.

Ms Bishop will travel to Paris subsequent week to help promote the Government’s strategy to minimize emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

She said the Coalition’s targets have been a lot more viable then Labor’s policy of reducing emissions by 45 per cent more than the very same period.

“A 45 per cent reduction, we know from their modelling, will hit the economy by about 600 billion dollars,” Ms Bishop mentioned.

“It is unbelievable, they will not tell us how they’ll do it, we know it will be a enormous hit to the economy.”

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Turnbull optimistic of climate deal at Paris talks

Posted November 27, 2015 00:02:56

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he is “optimistic” about the possibilities of a global agreement being reached at subsequent week’s climate alter talks in Paris.

Worldwide leaders are set to descend on the French capital to attempt to attain a legally binding agreement aimed at maintaining worldwide warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Similar meetings have failed to outcome in agreement but Mr Turnbull hopes Paris will be various.

“I am optimistic… and I notice that the French president is really optimistic,” he told 7:30.

Meanwhile Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will right now pledge to work towards carbon neutrality in Australia by 2050, meaning each and every tonne of pollution would need to be offset.

By Mr Shorten’s personal admission, arranging to achieve it by 2050 is an ambitious goal.

In a speech to the Lowy Institute in Sydney Mr Shorten will say it could be done by creating more use of biofuels and gas and enhanced land management.

He will also make an announcement about baseline emissions targets.

“The Climate Adjust Authority advised a baseline emissions reduction of 45 per cent by 2030, on 2005 levels,” Mr Shorten will say.

“Nowadays I announce Labor will use the Climate Change Authority’s recommendation of a 45 per cent reduction as the basis for our consultations with sector, employers, unions and the community.”

Mr Shorten’s also promising a review of his party’s extended-term climate modify objectives each and every 5 years.

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Turnbull to business: ‘We need to work together’

Posted November 25, 2015 23:20:53

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has reached out to the organization community, stressing the importance of Government and business “functioning together”.

“You are the important to driving the innovative enterprises that will provide development and jobs into the future,” he told the Australian Chamber Company Leaders’ annual dinner in Canberra.

“You embody the quite very best of the Australian spirit.

“That entrepreneurial ethos, that enterprise ethos which has been accountable for so considerably of our economic prosperity and which will drive so significantly of it into the future.

“To secure that future we need to have to function together.”

Mr Turnbull thanked these present for their input in the Coalition’s policy improvement procedure.

The speech was warmly received by the audience, with Chamber of Commerce and Sector chief executive Kate Carnell saying, “business is up for the challenge”.

The chamber’s incoming president Terry Wetherell gave the new Prime Minister a glowing report card on his 1st months in office.

“Because you assumed leadership in September the enterprise community has been impressed by many of the changes you have brought about,” Mr Wetherell mentioned.

“When you announced your ministry we were excited to see ministers dedicated to the portfolios of innovation, cities, tourism and international education and an assistant minister for productivity.

“We have been encouraged by your willingness to foster debate on a variety of policy matters… robust public debate is how we separate good tips from inferior ones, such public debate calls for a cultural shift that enables tips, even contentious ones to stay genuine subjects of debate rather than being shunted to the side out of political expediency.

“We are also willing to make the case for modify to the public so that excellent policy and great priorities stay in alignment.”

Reception to Turnbull very distinct to Abbott a year ago

Mr Turnbull’s speech and its reception was markedly distinct to the one former prime minister Tony Abbott gave to the identical audience in November 2014.

In it Mr Abbott urged the enterprise community to aid sell his tough spending budget measures.

“You matter and your voice must be heard,” he stated.

“On these massive problems, your alternatives and your statements count.”

It was interpreted by some as an accusation that company had not done adequate to sell the spending budget.

At the time Ms Carnell was quoted by the Economic Review as saying, “enterprise supports policies which are very good for economic prosperity, excellent for jobs and growth”.

“There are policies such as paid parental leave which we won’t support,” she was quoted as saying.

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