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Anti-gun protesters mock staged mass shooting at University of Texas

Posted December 14, 2015 23:53:56

External Hyperlink: Demonstrators at the University of Texas respond to a “mock mass shooting” with fart noises.

A “mock mass shooting” staged by gun rights demonstrators at the University of Texas (UT) has been met with dozens of students, professors and locals armed with farts, sex toys and chants of “Do not shoot, it is just a poot”.

Gun rights activist group Don’t Comply demonstrated a mass shooting at the university to “demonstrate all aspects of mass shootings” utilizing cardboard guns and ketchup packets.

News website NonDoc reported that four middle-aged actors fell to the ground right after pretending to be shot by a young man who pulled a cardboard gun from his suit pocket.

External Hyperlink: Mock mass shooting Facebook post

The fake victims were then doused with ketchup and their bodies have been outlined with chalk on the pavement.

All four victims wore orange T-shirts from the anti-gun Gun Free of charge UT campus group.

In a Facebook post, Never Comply mentioned the occasion went completely, and that police showed up after 10 minutes of the event being loudly narrated via a bullhorn.

Don’t Comply stated that the typical mass shooting takes four minutes.

Organiser Murdoch Pizgatti told the Houston Chronicle the occasion was planned to show that mass shootings occur unannounced and that police do not arrive till well right after the shooting is over.

“You need to protect oneself. You should be armed,” he mentioned.

Second-year student Charlie Henry told NonDoc that he believed the demonstration was “disrespectful”.

“Open carry is unsafe, threatening, and I do not consider it’s necessary,” he mentioned.

The counter protest marched via campus carrying flatulence noisemakers and homemade indicators, such as some that read “I fart in your basic path” — a reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Protesters also carried dildos, a reference to a #CocksNotGlocks” anti-gun demonstration planned for next year in which students have pledged to carry sex toys on campus — an act that is punishable by a $ 500 fine — in protest against a new law that will permit handguns in university buildings.

External Link: A counter protester remixed hip-hop tracks to feature farts

As they approached the internet site of the mass shooting, protesters shouted “UT” and “farts”.

The counter protest was planned by 2006 graduate Tim Sookram and a friend from his college comedy group.

“They are not genuinely listening to purpose at all, and this is mainly why we’re making fun of them,” Mr Sookram told NonDoc.

“Their rhetoric and their actions are so bizarre, we just have to meet it with the exact same sort of language.”

Another organiser, Andrew Dobbs, told the crowd “I select to believe that worry is not the solution to the threat of our time,” the Houston Chronicle reported.

“That laughing in the face of fear is a courageous act and toting a gun about everywhere you go, maybe not so considerably.”

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Severed pig’s head left close to university mosque in Perth

Posted December 07, 2015 10:04:44

A severed pig’s head has been dumped near a mosque at the University of Western Australia (UWA), sparking condemnation from students and the university.

The pig’s head was identified in a toilet subsequent to the Muslim prayer room at the University of Western Australia’s Nedlands campus.

Majdi Faleh, a PhD student from Tunisia, was preparing for his daily prayers yesterday when he discovered the head.

“The first feeling was the feeling of someone who’s getting threatened. I did not count on to see that,” Mr Faleh stated.

External Hyperlink: Pig’s head discovered at WA mosque

He stated the pig’s head had been left inside a standard toilet identified as a Turkish, Muslim or Arabic toilet.

“It was not the best start to the day,” he stated.

“It really is not due to the fact it was a pig’s head – it can be something, any other animal – it was the message that was clear.

“There clearly is motivation of these people trying to say you’re not welcome right here, or some equivalent message.

“The fact that it occurred at university, that is truly degrading and genuinely shocking to me.”

UWA described it as a deplorable act, adding it was saddened.

“It is regarding that folks employing the UWA Muslim prayer space have been targeted in this way,” a university spokesman said.

“The matter has been reported to police.

“We would like to reinforce that UWA strives to support a culturally inclusive and tolerant campus neighborhood and the university will offer you help and assistance to our Muslim students at this time.”

The UWA Student Guild also condemned the act.

“The UWA neighborhood has knowledgeable an unprecedented show of Islamophobia on campus,” the guild stated.

“The UWA Student Guild strongly condemns this deeply damaging and offensive incident which is totally unacceptable.

“Acts like this are designed only to incite religious and racial hatred.”

Mr Faleh stated the support he had received considering that posting his encounter on Facebook had been overwhelmingly good.

“There was really a lot of optimistic help from Australian men and women around the nation and it actually makes us really feel safe and welcomed in this country,” he stated.

“In each and every society you have a minority of folks – call them bigots – who do not necessarily comprehend what people’s beliefs are about.

“We just need to have to be united and tolerant as considerably as feasible so our community – as a entire – can thrive and prosper.”

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