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US aiming for New York meeting on Syria subsequent week

Posted December 09, 2015 08:16:59

Nations involved in the Syrian peace process are set to meet in New York on December 18, but the talks might hinge on efforts to unite Syrian opposition groups in the coming days, US secretary of state John Kerry says.

Russia, the United States, European and Middle Eastern countries agreed last month on a two-year timeline leading to Syrian national elections, but left a lot of queries unresolved, most notably the fate of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

The nations involved in the talks, which also consist of Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey, laid out a strategy such as formal talks in between the government and opposition from January 1.

To obtain that timeline, Saudi Arabia is hosting a conference this week to try to unite Syria’s divided rebel and opposition groups, who are trying to forge a typical platform to be able to negotiate with the Syrian government.

“Depending on the outcome of both the Saudi-led conference of the opposition that is taking place in the next days, as nicely as a handful of other issues, it is our plan to try … [to] have a meeting in New York on December 18,” Mr Kerry stated.

“But again, it depends on the flow of events over the subsequent week.”

A essential concern for a ceasefire will be figuring out which groups fighting Mr Assad will be branded moderate opposition fighters deserving of a seat at the negotiating table and which will be labelled terrorists.

Opposition groups deemed reputable will be invited to take part in the ceasefire although these labelled terrorists, so far Islamic State and al-Qaeda-linked groups, will be treated as fair game for Syrian government forces, Russia, the United States, France and other individuals conducting air strikes in Syria.

“It is totally necessary that as was agreed in Vienna, there should be a nationwide ceasefire as soon as feasible,” UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said.

“In New York I hope we will have a firm and strong basis so that the ceasefire can be launched as well as the political procedure.”

Rebels, opposition seek widespread ground

Syria’s rebel and opposition groups are trying to forge a frequent stance over negotiations to finish the civil war, but the absence of some prominent activists and a major Kurdish force from their meeting in Riyadh shows that unity remains elusive.

Bringing the fragmented opposition together is observed by its backers as a essential step to finish a civil war which began with protests against Bashar al-Assad in 2011 and speedily drew in rival Sunni and Shi’ite Muslim powers across the Middle East.

Shi’ite Iran, Mr Assad’s primary regional supporter, has criticised the meeting in the Sunni Muslim kingdom, saying it is developed to harm efforts to attain a peaceful answer to a war which has killed 250,000 men and women and displaced 12 million.

At a Riyadh hotel exactly where the opposition meeting will start off on Wednesday, safety was stepped up and journalists were ejected as fighters and opposition leaders gathered.

Particular forces soldiers with physique armour and assault rifles manned checkpoints.

An initial list of 65 invitees to the Riyadh talks has grown substantially, but critics say it nonetheless falls brief of a completely inclusive meeting.

The Kurdish administration that runs swathes of north Syria was not invited.

Rebels in western Syria do not trust the main Kurdish militia, the YPG, since they say it cooperates with Damascus rather than fighting it.


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Wall St rebound on US jobs to support market place start off week powerful

Updated December 06, 2015 19:24:00

Map: Australia

One more batch of solid jobs figure from the US over the weekend and a sturdy rebound on Wall Street must give the Australian industry a positive start off to the week.

The essential Wall Street indices rallied more than 2 per cent on the news that 211,000 new jobs had been created, although October’s blockbuster 271,000 figure was revised up to 298,000.

The marketplace is now taking it as a lay down misere the Fed will start raising rates on December 16.

Certainly failure to provide the now anticipated hike could lead to all sorts of market ugliness.

One of the key themes of final week — the disappointment with the European Central Bank’s smaller than anticipated stimulus package — may have been trumped by the US and consequently shifted a bit additional back into the market’s ephemeral attention.

However, offered the all round fractiousness of international markets, volatility will still make investing a white-knuckle game for some time however.

Information flow slows

After last week’s stream of figures, the tap gets tightened this week.

Australian jobs and China offer the greatest interest for the neighborhood industry.

October’s labour force figure created an extraordinary — some would say unbelievable — 60,000 or so new jobs, which drove unemployment back down to 5.9 per cent.

A repeat in November’s figure (Thursday) would be impressive but extremely unlikely.

Certainly it is not uncommon for unusually big moves either way to be reversed in subsequent months.

The truth that third quarter GDP growth to a large extent was propped up by mining exports — although the domestic economy was weak — is hardly a precursor to another spurt in jobs development.

The marketplace is forecasting a fall of 20,000 in November, which would leave the all round trend closer to job creation rattling along at a sturdy 15,000 a month.

That need to also hold unemployment at about six per cent.

A point of interest may nicely be Western Australia where the finish of the mining boom has observed unemployment rise at a fast price.

At six.4 per cent, Western Australia’s unemployment price is now larger than all other states for the very first time because the pre-boom days of 2004.

For the massive miners though it does have the benefit of driving down labour costs, with wage growth back at two-decade lows.

Housing finance in the other domestic figure of note this week, though as RBA deputy governor Phillip Lowe lately pointed out, the banks are coughing up pretty dodgy data on this front.

The ranks of investors who the banks have suddenly realised are owner occupiers — and not investors — are probably to continue to grow.

The consensus get in touch with is a modest 1 per cent decline in all round approvals, which would still leave approvals properly above their long-term average.


China watchers and the resources businesses are up for an additional large week, with the spills much more most likely to outnumber the thrills.

Balance of trade (Tuesday) is the 1st out the blocks and whilst surplus will again be huge — about $ US55 billion in forecast — it is the composition that has been causing concern.

The final reading saw exports down by 7 per cent even though imports tumbled practically 20 per cent, pointing to an accelerating weakness in both domestic and external economies.

Inflation (Wednesday) will not show an economy overheating certainly an additional unfavorable reading is probably.

Even more worrying the Producer Value Index (Wednesday) — which measures the change in rates of goods and services by makers and producers — is once more anticipated to be weak, down around 6 per cent over the year.

At the finish of the week, a mass of essential information will be released on Saturday.

Industrial production has been sliding, but still forecast to develop at about six per cent while fixed-asset investment — which gives insights into infrastructure and building pipelines — is slowing to a level final noticed 15 years ago.

Retail sales have been the a single shining light in China’s domestic economy and are once more expected to post a month-on-month development of around 11 per cent.

Diary notes


Job ads

Building index

Nov:  ANZ series, has been going up for a although

Nov: An AIG survey, expansion must continue

TuesdayNAB business surveyNov: Self-assurance and situations enhancing
WednesdayHousing financeOct: Figures have been dodge, but trend is owner occupiers up and investors down
Customer confidenceDec: Westpac survey. Has been getting stronger
ThursdayLabour market placeNov: May possibly payback some of October’s massive jump
FridayLending financeOct: consists of individual, enterprise and residence loans
Westpac AGMDiscussion on executive pay may be lively
MondayUS: Customer credit Oct: May ease back soon after solid number in September
TuesdayCH: TradeNov: Another massive surplus tipped but composition is the be concerned.
JP: GDPQ3: Final reading anticipated to confirm recession
EU: GDPQ3: Second estimate a weak 1.six per cent YoY
WednesdayCH: InflationNov: Most likely to have decreased MoM
ThursdayUK: BoE decisionPrices on hold at .5 per cent



CH: Economic indicatorsChina releases critical industrial production, fixed asset investment & retail data on Saturday

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1st posted December 06, 2015 18:50:35

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Attacks on Brough continue to dominate final week of Parliament

Updated December 03, 2015 09:21:52

The fate of Mal Brough is set to dominate the final day of the parliamentary year, with a quantity of Coalition frontbenchers providing varying levels of assistance to the embattled MP.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday defended Mr Brough, who is getting investigated by the Australian Federal Police for any part he played in obtaining former staffer James Ashby to receive copies of then-speaker Peter Slipper’s diary in 2012.

Liberal frontbencher Simon Birmingham told the ABC that Mr Brough had his full support, whilst cabinet minister Barnaby Joyce provided some qualified support.

The Agriculture Minister told reporters outside parliament that he would not “second guess” the details of the affair.

“I am totally specific that if every thing is as it really is been said, then Mr Brough will continue on,” Mr Joyce said.

“But it’s ridiculous for folks to try to be the Rumpole of the Bailey inside the chamber.”

It was a reference to shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus, who has been top the Opposition’s questioning on the matter.

Mr Dreyfus yesterday attempted twice to censure Mr Turnbull over his “atrocious” judgement in appointing and supporting Mr Brough, but both had been defeated.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese repeated his criticism of the Prime Minister this morning, saying that former PM Tony Abbott showed significantly far better judgement than his replacement.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s judgement is the worst judgement shown by a political leader given that Malcolm Turnbull last time he was Liberal leader [when he] decided to stake his entire leadership on a false e-mail from Godwin Grech,” Mr Albanese stated.

Fellow Labor MP Jason Clare compared Mr Brough’s predicament to that of former speaker Bronwyn Bishop.

Mr Clare mentioned it took Mr Abbott 32 days to get rid of Ms Bishop right after the “helicopter scandal”.

“It’s now 16 days considering that Mal Brough’s house was raided by the federal police,” Mr Clare stated.

“Tick, tick, tick. How long is it going to take Malcolm Turnbull to sack Mal Brough?”

Brough offers qualified apology

Mr Brough yesterday provided a qualified apology to Parliament for “unwittingly” adding to confusion concerning his recollection of the Slipper diaries affair.

On Wednesday morning, Mr Brough addressed Parliament aiming “to clarify his comments” over a 2014 interview with Channel Nine.

In the 60 Minutes interview, Mr Brough appeared to admit that he did ask Mr Ashby to procure Mr Slipper’s diary.

On Tuesday he cast doubt on that admission, telling Parliament “what was place to air was not the complete query”.

But on Wednesday Mr Brough told the House that his “recollection of the interview was that the question was place to me in a somewhat disjointed manner”.

“I answered the query without having clarifying what component of the query I was responding to,” Mr Brough said.

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1st posted December 03, 2015 09:19:24

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Pistorius’ manslaughter conviction could be upgraded to murder this week

Posted December 02, 2015 01:42:51

Oscar Pistorius could return to jail on Thursday if South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal scales up the track star’s conviction for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp from manslaughter to murder.

Important points

  • Oscar Pistorius’ charge of manslaughter could be upgraded to murder on Thursday
  • Track star could return to jail if state’s appeal is effective
  • State argued that the presiding judge misinterpreted some components of the law

The Paralympic gold medallist was released on parole in October following serving a fifth of his five-year prison term for the “culpable homicide” of Steenkamp, whom he killed by firing four shots by way of a locked toilet door on Valentine’s Day 2013.

Prosecutors stated Pistorius, 29, need to be convicted of murder and sent back to jail simply because he knew the individual behind the door could be killed when he fired.

A murder conviction would result in a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison.

“The judgment will be delivered at 9:45am (6:45pm AEDT) on three December 2015 at the Supreme Court of Appeal,” the court said in a statement.

Pistorius, whose decrease legs had been amputated when he was a infant, denied for the duration of his six-month trial that he deliberately killed Steenkamp, saying he mistook her for an intruder at his home.

Higher Court Judge Thokozile Masipa ruled final year that the state had failed to prove Pistorius had shown “intent” or “dolus eventualis”, a legal notion that centres on a individual becoming held accountable for the foreseeable consequences of their actions.

The state argued at the appeal that Judge Masipa misinterpreted some parts of the law, such as “dolus eventualis”.

If the court of appeal overturns Judge Masipa’s verdict, she will be responsible for passing a new sentence on Pistorius, according to legal experts.


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Hundreds march in Adelaide for White Ribbon Week

Posted November 28, 2015 14:09:56

A crowd of people sit on Parliament House steps. Photo: Participants in Adelaide’s White Ribbon march finish up at Parliament Home. (ABC News: Matt Coleman)
Connected Story: Tool to screen new partners for criminal history would empower girls
Map: Adelaide 5000

Far more than 200 people have marched by way of Adelaide’s central company district to raise awareness about domestic violence.

The White Ribbon March from Victoria Square to Parliament Home featured police, politicians, sporting identities and assistance groups.

Domestic violence survivor Heather Margrison spoke to the crowd and said it took her 20 years to leave her psychologically abusive companion.

She stated she was now committed to helping other people.

“I was in a position to get out, and with the superb assistance and help from the Central Domestic Violence Service, I was able to cut my strings, and free of charge myself from his abuse,” Ms Margrison stated.

“Recovery has taken me practically 10 years and I am nonetheless a work in progress but I am alive.”

White Ribbon Week was held across Australia this week in a campaign to stop domestic violence.

The Federal Government estimates domestic violence charges Australia $ 21.7 billion annually.

Members of crowd hold a banner deploring domestic violence against women. Photo: About 200 people participated in Adelaide’s White Ribbon march from Victoria Square to Parliament House. (ABC News: Matt Coleman)

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With a week to go before Rightscorp trial, Cox loses key DMCA motion

(credit: Aurich Lawson / Thinkstock)

Nearly a year after two music publishers and on-line copyright cop Rightscorp initiated a high-stakes lawsuit against Cox Communications, a judge has made a ruling that is potentially devastating to Cox’s case.

US District Judge Liam O’Grady has ruled that Cox isn’t protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s “safe harbor” provisions. That is the part of the DMCA that protects “online service providers” from copyright lawsuits if they comply with various components of the DMCA, which includes the obligation to terminate “repeat infringers.” Now one of the music publishers, BMG Rights Management, will move toward a trial slated to start December two.

BMG is making use of information from Rightscorp to make its case that Cox blew off its legal obligations to support copyright owners. In the original lawsuit (PDF), plaintiffs BMG Rights Management and Round Hill Music argued that the Rightscorp data makes it possible for them to determine “repeat infringers” that use BitTorrent to download huge quantities of music. Rightscorp insists that ISPs like Cox should respond when it identifies these customers and forward its notices demanding $ 20 per song or else face a copyright lawsuit. Following a handful of years of such information collection, two of Rightscorp’s most significant clientele finally acted on that threat, filing suit against Cox in 2014.

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Cameron pledges to outline strategy against IS this week

By DANICA KIRKA, Associated Press

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister David Cameron will begin to lay out his case this week for the Royal Air Force to start off hitting Islamic State targets in Syria, some thing he has been eager to do but feared being blocked by Parliament.

Speaking in Paris on Monday following meeting French President Francois Hollande, Cameron said the two leaders agreed to boost counterterrorism cooperation following the attacks. He known as for higher European Union-wide efforts to share intelligence to cease extremists and supplied the use of RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus for anti-Islamic State actions in Syria.

“The United Kingdom will do all in our energy to help our pal and ally France to defeat this evil death cult,” he said.

Cameron lost a vote in Parliament two years ago to allow attacks on Syria, and has been reluctant to even suggest a vote until he could be particular to win. The RAF is currently participating in airstrikes in Iraq.

Cameron has argued that Britain’s “precision missions” would enable much better targeting and lead to fewer civilian casualties than American weapons. Britain’s arsenal consists of the Brimstone missile, whose technology enables it to ensure accuracy against moving targets, such as gun trucks utilised by Islamic State group militants.

Defense Secretary Michael Fallon told the BBC that Britain had capabilities to offer you the coalition.

“We have a very skilled air force. The Tornadoes that we have been deploying in Iraq have a higher-precision missile, the Brimstone missile, that no one else has, that reduces, eliminates, civilian casualties simply because it is so precise,” he said. “The rest of the coalition would like to see the RAF engaged in Syria. It makes very little sense for the RAF to be in a position to fly as far as a border in between Iraq and Syria that (the Islamic State group) itself does not recognize.”

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