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White water rafting business forced to move south as King River dries up

Posted December 12, 2015 14:45:22

White water rafting on the King River Photo: King River Rafting has started operating on the more tame River Derwent because of low water levels on the King River. (Supplied: King River Rafting)

Record low rainfall is forcing a Tasmanian rafting business to shift its operations from the west coast to the south in order to survive.

King River Rafting, run by husband and wife team Paul Steane and Michele Cordwell-Steane, started guided tours along the King River for the first time last summer, taking 200 people in four months.

Rafting on the River DerwentVideo: Rafting on the River Derwent (ABC News)

But the driest October on record has left Hydro Tasmania’s dams at extremely low levels and reduced the once-mighty King River, which relies on the regular release of water, to a whimper.

Ms Cordwell-Steane said the shift was another blow to the struggling West Coast economy which had already been hit hard by the ongoing closure of the Mt Lyell copper mine.

“We probably would have put about $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 into Queenstown and they will certainly miss that,” she said.

“[The rafting] just brings people in so what people mostly do is spend two or three nights’ accommodation in Queenstown and we have groups of up to 16 coming [on the trip], so it will have an impact.”

Paul and Michele Cordwell-Steane Photo: Paul and Michele Cordwell-Steane by the River Derwent as they prepare to take another group rafting. (ABC News: Michael Atkin)

The fledgling business has had to refund more than $ 20,000 in future bookings and there is no work available for some northern staff.

“We have had to refund lots of money so it hasn’t been good, hence our reason for doing the Derwent because we hope we can keep afloat, pardon the pun, until next summer,” she said.

Now they are rafting in the much milder waters of the River Derwent near New Norfolk.

Ms Cordwell-Steane said it was incomparable to the King River.

“It’s very different than on the King, on the Derwent … the rapids are probably level one and two on the King through the Gorge they’re three and four,” she said.

“Yesterday on a Derwent trip we saw a beautiful sea eagle and about five platypus.

“The Derwent is farm land, which is also beautiful but the King you go from the forest to the sea so you go through rainforest, there’s lots of Huon pine and then end up almost at Macquarie Harbour.”

Rafting the King River Photo: While the rapids on the River Derwent are not as wild as those on the King River it’s proximity to Hobart makes it more accessible to tourists. (Supplied: King River Rafting)

The new experience does offer the opportunity to learn rafting and, crucially, is a short drive from Tasmania’s tourism hot spot of Hobart.

It was the perfect holiday fun for engaged couple John Godwin and Rochelle Armstrong.

External Link: Watch: King River Rafting Facebook post

Ms Armstrong said the calmer waters suited her.

“I’ve never really done anything like this before and I’m a bit nervous about the water, so it was very exciting,” she said.

“King River wasn’t really accessible for us because we were already visiting Hobart so we were just looking for something close.”

Mr Goodwin said they get married next week and were under strict instructions to come back unscathed.

“Rochelle is not allowed to go in the water, we’re not allowed to hurt each other,” he said.

“Always hold on to the T bar and the pole otherwise you’ll get a black eye,” Ms Armstrong added.

“The ab workout has been alright, I guess.”

The move south has given new guide 20-year-old James Wynwood the break he was been looking for.

“I’ve been studying for nine months at Tafe and I’ve been waiting for that opportunity to get out there and get into the industry,” he said.

“I’ve fished along the Derwent with my parents and I know a fair bit about it as well so it’s really good for me to be able to take people as a job down the river doing something that I love.”

Ms Cordwell-Steane said she hoped water levels in the King River would recover in time to recommence tours in the summer of 2017 and if the gentler experience along the Derwent River proved popular, King River Rafting might permanently expand its tours to both locations.

Just do not expect it to change its name.

King River Rafting happy to stay afloat Photo: Being forced to explore the River Derwent has opened up a new opportunity and King River Rafting may operate from both locations once the King River is back to usual torrent. (Supplied: King River Rafting)

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No indication California attackers element of terror group: White Residence

Updated December 06, 2015 07:42:37

There is no indication that the shooters who killed 14 people in California are portion of a larger terrorist group, the White Residence says, even as Islamic State claimed the pair were “soldiers” of its caliphate.

A team of prime officials such as FBI director James Comey, attorney-common Loretta Lynch and secretary of homeland safety Jeh Johnson told president Barack Obama “that they had as of but uncovered no indication the killers were element of an organised group or formed part of a broader terrorist cell”.

Nevertheless the president’s group, which also incorporated other intelligence community leadership, “highlighted several pieces of information that point to the perpetrators getting radicalised to violence to commit these heinous attacks”.

The rampage in San Bernardino, which also wounded 21 people, was carried out by Syed Farook, 28, and his 29-year-old wife Tashfeen Malik.

They have been killed in a shootout with police hours soon after the attack.

The FBI stated it was operating in coordination with neighborhood authorities to pursue “any and all leads” in its investigation, the White Property stated.

The president was briefed on the newest details and directed his team to take all necessary steps to safeguard Americans, it added.

The FBI has currently announced that it is treating the investigation into the attack as an act of terrorism.

In its English-language radio broadcast on Saturday, IS stopped quick of explicitly claiming the attack but referred to the assailants as soldiers of the Khilafah (caliphate) who were “killed in the path of Allah”.

In the group’s Arabic-language radio broadcast earlier in the day, nonetheless, they referred to the attackers basically as “supporters of the Islamic State”.


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First posted December 06, 2015 07:31:57

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Hundreds march in Adelaide for White Ribbon Week

Posted November 28, 2015 14:09:56

A crowd of people sit on Parliament House steps. Photo: Participants in Adelaide’s White Ribbon march finish up at Parliament Home. (ABC News: Matt Coleman)
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Map: Adelaide 5000

Far more than 200 people have marched by way of Adelaide’s central company district to raise awareness about domestic violence.

The White Ribbon March from Victoria Square to Parliament Home featured police, politicians, sporting identities and assistance groups.

Domestic violence survivor Heather Margrison spoke to the crowd and said it took her 20 years to leave her psychologically abusive companion.

She stated she was now committed to helping other people.

“I was in a position to get out, and with the superb assistance and help from the Central Domestic Violence Service, I was able to cut my strings, and free of charge myself from his abuse,” Ms Margrison stated.

“Recovery has taken me practically 10 years and I am nonetheless a work in progress but I am alive.”

White Ribbon Week was held across Australia this week in a campaign to stop domestic violence.

The Federal Government estimates domestic violence charges Australia $ 21.7 billion annually.

Members of crowd hold a banner deploring domestic violence against women. Photo: About 200 people participated in Adelaide’s White Ribbon march from Victoria Square to Parliament House. (ABC News: Matt Coleman)

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UQ condemns ‘racist’ campaign for white student union

Posted November 27, 2015 20:19:48

The University of Queensland has condemned a “racist” Facebook web page attempting to garner help for a “white student union” on its campus.

The so-named University of Queensland White Student Union web page was designed this week and purports to be “a safe place to assistance and promote the interests of domestic students of European descent” at the university.

The first post published on the page includes a rant about the number of international students enrolled with the institution.

“We’re forced to do group function with internationals who can’t speak English. We carry the load and do all the function, even though our marks are dragged down,” it says.

“We’re forced to put up with the antisocial behaviour of a specific group of students who treat study spaces as social spaces and consistently attempt to ‘reserve’ public resources, such as computer systems.”

The university released a statement right now distancing itself from the web page.

“The University of Queensland is in no way affiliated with the so-named University of Queensland White Student Union Facebook web page, and no ‘white student union’ exists at UQ,” the statement read.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Joanne Wright stated the university prided itself on diversity.

“We thoroughly condemn any attempt to undermine the significance of fostering an equitable society, each on campus and a lot more broadly,” she stated.

The web page has 27 likes on Facebook, but has responded to the university’s statement, saying it plans to apply to turn into an official group subsequent year.

“Our group has in no way claimed to be an ‘official’ club or society but that doesn’t imply it does not exist,” it mentioned.

“There are quite a few student groups that aren’t UQU affiliated but exist nonetheless.

“If we have enough assistance from the student body we will apply to affiliate a White Student Society at UQ in 2016.”

Web page portion of bigger US trend advertising white supremacy: UQ

The university said the page appeared to be part of a bigger trend that has spread from North America, where dozens of comparable pages have appeared, each and every claiming affiliation with university communities.

According to US media, “white student union” Facebook pages have popped up at colleges across the nation in current days, such as at Princeton, Berkeley and Stanford.

The pages are suspected to be in response to a wave of anti-racism protests which have been taking spot on campuses this month.

The trend come days right after photographs of black Harvard Law faculty members were defaced on the university’s famous Boston campus.

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One of last northern white rhinos dies

Northern white rhino named Nola receives a veterinary exam, Dec 2014Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Nola underwent surgery on 13 November but her well being deteriorated

One particular of the world’s final four remaining northern white rhinos has died in a zoo in the United States.

The condition of Nola, a 41-year-old female, had deteriorated soon after surgery and she was place down on Sunday.

Nola had been a common attraction at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park since 1989.

The remaining three northern white rhinos – all elderly – are kept closely guarded at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

Surrogacy programme

Nola underwent surgery on 13 November to drain a hip abscess. Nonetheless, her wellness deteriorated a week ago and worsened once more over the weekend and it was decided she must be put down.

The northern white rhino population was devastated by poachers searching for their prized horns, and was declared extinct in the wild in 2008.

San Diego zoo has recently brought in six southern white rhinos, hoping to use them as surrogate mothers for northern white rhino embryos.

Media captionThe future of the world’s white rhino population could depend on pricey IVF remedy, according to Richard Vigne from Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy

There are about 20,000 southern white rhinos in the globe, but research are nonetheless taking spot to establish whether or not the subspecies are genetically similar enough for the surrogacy to function.

Zoo researchers say that, if successful, the programme could see a northern white rhino calf born inside ten to 15 years.

Nevertheless, Richard Vigne, who runs the Ol Pejeta conservancy in Kenya where the remaining 3 rhinos live, told the BBC the chances of becoming capable to recover the species have been “quite remote”.

“This species has been on the brink of extinction for an awfully long period of time. Sad though it is, the demise of Lola really tends to make no material difference to the most likely future of the species,” he said.

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