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K-pop band detained at LA airport ‘on suspicion of becoming sex workers’

Posted December 11, 2015 21:35:15

All eight members of a new girl K-pop girl band, travelling for an album cover shoot in the United States, have been detained at Los Angeles airport on suspicion that they may possibly be sex workers, their agency says.

The eight member band, Oh My Girl, were held for 15 hours on Thursday before being released, soon after which they flew back to South Korea.

Their agency WM Entertainment released a statement saying the LA immigration authorities had gone via the band’s costumes and props.

“Then, possibly because of their young age, they appear to have mistaken them as sex workers,” the statement mentioned, without elaborating.

The agency stated it was taking legal suggestions in the United States as to no matter whether the band’s detention was lawful.

There may well also have been an concern with the sort of visa the band members have been holding, as they were also booked to carry out at a gala event in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Oh My Girl was only formed in March this year and released its debut single in April.

South Korea’s K-pop scene, which has been exported with massive good results across Asia and beyond, is dominated by young girl and boy bands whose members are sometimes as young as 13 or 14 years old.

In 2012, the South Korean authorities took methods to curb over-sexualised performances, threatening to slap R-ratings on films, music videos and Television shows that placed an exaggerated sexual emphasis on young singers and bands they feature.


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CPSU use crowdfunding to support workers during industrial action

Posted December 07, 2015 11:53:20

The Community and Public Sector Union is making use of a crowdfunding campaign to support Immigration and Border Force workers need to they be stood down in the course of industrial action.

Border force workers are imposing perform bans from nowadays, targeting freight and cargo at ports and international mail centres.

But the union’s Nadine Flood said the immigration department had indicated it would respond by standing down workers and docking spend.

“Border force freight workers expect to be stood down without having spend by the division for taking industrial action which means properly they will be sent on strike by their boss,” she said.

“That will have an effect on goods getting into the country like parcels, mail and cargo.”

To financially support employees affected by the dispute, the union has set up a impromptu crowdfunding campaign.

“They’ve lost cash and they are heading into Christmas,” she stated.

“They’re facing the threat of the loss of further rights and pay, but also the loss of funds from industrial action, so currently hundreds of tiny donations have come in from people prepared to help these workers.

“Workers would much rather this impasse was resolved, but … we are prepared to roll out a larger effort to create support amongst the community and folks working in other industries for our members.”

Ms Flood said the campaign had gained powerful assistance from the public and workers.

“There is been a robust show of support for these workers who do a difficult job defending our borders and what they are trying to attain,” she said.

“People recognize that being stood down with out pay, just for fighting to preserve the rights and spend you’ve currently got, is a draconian tactic from Government.”

Ms Flood mentioned 92 per cent of public sector workers nevertheless did not have work spot agreements in place.

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