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Ronda Rousey attends US Marine Corps Ball, honouring guarantee to young Marine

Posted December 13, 2015 16:28:04

UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has attended the Marine Corps Ball in South Carolina, honouring a promise she produced to a bold young US Marine who asked her to attend the occasion with him.

It was Rousey’s initial public appearance since her defeat at the hands of Holly Holm in the UFC women’s bantamweight title fight in Melbourne last month.

In August, Lance Corporal Jarrod Haschert posted a video online asking his “celebrity crush” if she would be his date for the ball.

“I love everything you do and I believe that you are a phenomenal individual, which is why it would be my honour to take you to the Marine Corps Ball,” he mentioned.

“I really hope this does not get in the way of your education … but I hope you will take this into consideration since if you do, you will genuinely be creating my dream come correct.”

The video soon went viral, and in September, Rousey said she would “gladly accept” the invitation.

Rousey has kept a low profile because she was beaten in November — her 1st defeat — but she honoured her guarantee and attended the ball.

Rousey told TMZ, who spotted her en route to the ball, that she had promised she would go.

“I promised I’d go. It really is an honour to be asked,” she mentioned.

“Honestly, I’d probably stay on my couch, crying and consuming ice cream if he hadn’t asked me. So it’s probably a great issue.”

In an Instagram post following the occasion, Rousey thanked Lance Corporal Haschert for “becoming such a gentleman”.

“Thank you Lance Corporal Jarrod Haschert for taking me to the Marine Corps Ball, being such a gentleman, and placing a smile on my face once more,” she wrote.

External Hyperlink: Jarrod Haschert asks Ronda Rousey to the marine corps ball

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Up to 80 pupils at school ‘tolerant’ of unimmunised young children hit by chickenpox

Updated December ten, 2015 17:39:42

Overall health authorities have urged parents to vaccinate their young children following up to a quarter of students at a primary school in Melbourne’s north had been infected with chickenpox.

Of the 320 students who attend Brunswick North West Major School, about 80 have been absent in recent days.

Acting Victorian chief wellness officer Professor Michael Ackland mentioned whilst the exact number of students who had chickenpox was not recognized, it was understood to be the majority.

Students in Victoria do not have to be immunised to attend government schools, but parents should inform the college of the child’s immunisation status.

Immunisation against chickenpox is integrated in the mixture measles, mumps, rubella and varicella vaccine which is given to children at 18 months.

About chickenpox:

  • Hugely contagious viral disease, more widespread in winter and early spring
  • Symptoms consist of itchiness, low-grade fever, blistering skin rash, malaise
  • Youngsters ought to not go to school till last blister has dried
  • Youngsters and adults can be immunised
  • Most cases are mild and get greater without healthcare therapy
    Source: betterhealth.vic.gov.au

The City of Moreland, the municipality which takes in the college, had a 94 per cent vaccination price and about 75 per cent of students had supplied vaccination certificates.

In a newsletter sent to parents on December 4, principal Trevor Bowen stated the college welcomed students who have been not immunised.

“Potential students will not be prevented from enrolling in main school if they have not been immunised,” he stated.

“We anticipate all neighborhood members to act respectfully and with tolerance when interacting with other parents and carers who might have a differing opinion to their personal.

“This includes an opposing understanding about child immunisation.

“I ask all neighborhood members to interact respectfully at all times and with a sense of tolerance and acceptance of diversity.”

Health Minister Jill Hennessy stated she was usually concerned when parents decided not vaccinate their children.

Earlier this year the Victorian Government introduced a no jab, no play policy for early child services in the state, which begins subsequent year, but it does not apply to schools.

She cited a current enhance in whooping cough circumstances as an example of the significance of vaccination.

Ms Hennessy mentioned it was not just about protecting your own child, but other vulnerable members of the neighborhood.

Possessing vaccination ‘safer, protects vulnerable’

Associate Professor Jodie McVernon, an specialist in infectious ailments from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, told 774 ABC Melbourne the trend away from immunisation was “a national concern”.

“Clearly there’s greater opportunity for diseases to spread in regions exactly where immunisation falls beneath what we call the vital protective threshold,” she said.

“That varies for various ailments but generally exactly where immunisation is less than about 95 per cent coverage, there’s greater opportunity for infection to spread.

We can not always safeguard. This is why we rely on the community to immunise as broadly as feasible.

Associate Professor Jodie McVernon, infectious illness specialist

“We know currently there are some regions where immunisation rates are reduce and locations exist where people with certain views on immunisation live,” she said.

“It is a national concern that we’re trying to address by supporting immunisation and supporting parents in their choice-making.”

Professor Ackland mentioned it was not uncommon for clusters of chickenpox to break out in primary schools, and the safest way to keep away from the disease was to get vaccinated.

“It is not surprising that 80-odd students would get chickenpox in a scenario like this,” he said.

“The vaccine is not excellent, but in excess of 80 per cent of those who get vaccinated will get protected against chickenpox.”

Associate Professor McVernon mentioned vaccinations have been crucial in assisting prevent outbreaks and shield vulnerable members of the population.

“We can not always safeguard. This is why we rely on the neighborhood to immunise as broadly as possible,” she mentioned.

“Vaccines don’t shield us perfectly and for some infectious ailments, vaccines do not shield as well or as extended as possessing had the infection itself.

“Certainly obtaining the vaccine itself is safer, which is why we recommend them.”

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Initial posted December 10, 2015 17:26:48

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Young people ‘pre-load’ tablets to steer clear of police, SA MP says

Posted December 09, 2015 15:54:24

A zero-tolerance strategy to drugs is not functioning and harm minimisation techniques are required, according to a South Australian Labor MP.

Following the deaths of two young men and women at Stereosonic music festivals in Australia recently, like one particular in Adelaide, Labor Member for Fisher Nat Cook has called for changes in the state’s method to drug policing.

She mentioned having police sniffer dogs and police outdoors music festivals was forcing young people to make dangerous choices.

Ms Cook has a concentrate on youth and substance abuse problems, soon after her son Sam Davis was killed in a a single-punch attack.

“I have been on the ground and I have talked to young folks and the young men and women I’ve spoken to have told me that they pre-load multiple pills due to the fact they don’t want to get caught by drug dogs,” Ms Cook said.

“I believe proof from the weekend shows that only a few dozen tablets had been detected outdoors of the festival and then evidence from inside the festival tells us that hundreds, even thousands, of tablets produced it into that festival.”

All I’d say is I believe the police are undertaking a quite tough job in extremely tough situations.

Wellness Minister Jack Snelling

Opposition Liberal Leader Steven Marshall stated Ms Cook’s comments were a enormous departure from Labor Party policy.

“Extraordinary comments from the Member for Fisher who is primarily obtaining a go at the way that police go about tackling drugs in South Australia,” Mr Marshall said.

“I believe the Government demands to come out nowadays and rebuke her comments.”

Health Minister Jack Snelling said he supported Ms Cook, but when questioned would not repeat her views.

“I do not feel there is any doubt Nat Cook has worked extremely hard with our young individuals and attempting to defend our young individuals,” Mr Snelling stated.

“All I’d say is I feel the police are performing a very tough job in really difficult circumstances.”

Ms Cook mentioned she did not believe she was departing from Labor Party policy.

“I think what I am doing is I’m bringing a message to the party space from the neighborhood that young folks are telling me they’re nonetheless taking drugs, they are nevertheless getting drugs into festivals,” she mentioned.

In spite of advocating a harm minimisation method, Ms Cook mentioned she did not help pill testing at festivals.

“I’d like to see great evidence to say that it really does avert death but what I will say is that I’m nervous about it from a individual point of view, my opinion is that we can not guarantee that every little thing is going to get detected at that point,” she mentioned.

That is a position the Wellness Minister does agree with.

“These kind of pills are really tough to detect and I feel it really is a quite, quite important that our message to young men and women,” Mr Snelling stated.

“Our message to society is quite clear and unambiguous: illicit drug taking is inherently unsafe.”

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Function of young Indigenous artists showcased in MoAD exhibition

By Sam Provost

Posted December 08, 2015 21:53:55

Land, Neil Mitchell, synthetic polymer on canvas Photo: Land by Neil Mitchell, depicts the area about Menindee in NSW, in synthetic polymer on canvas. (Supplied)

Five young Aboriginal artists from Menindee in far western NSW have come to Old Parliament Property to see their artworks displayed in the Right Right here Now exhibition at the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD).

The exhibition showcases 18 artists operating outside the significant city centres of Australia who have been paired in a creative mentorship project.

Neil Mitchell and Rick Ball at MoAD Photo: Neil Mitchell and Rick Ball explore the Correct Here Now exhibition at MoAD. (ABC News)

The artists, from Menindee, have been accompanied to Canberra by Rick Ball, a renowned artist from Broken Hill and mentor to the group.

Taya Biggs, Jade Cicak, Neil Mitchell, Joseph Newman and Tahlia Philp every single have a piece in the exhibition.

The artists work with a variety of mediums such as cardboard, paint and photography.

The title of 16-year-old Mitchell’s piece is Land.

He said it was a representation of his residence, a desert town amidst a series of ephemeral lakes.

“That’s what my paintings are about, the land and region about Menindee. I cannot genuinely do any other kinds of art. This is my art,” Neil mentioned.

The piece harnesses the colours of the land: reds, yellows and browns, with textures and dots used to illustrate man-produced and animal tracks.

‘They can’t cope with any bullshit… I love that’

Ball, who has been working with the younger artists considering that they were in pre-college, stated the connection had changed the way that he approached his personal art.

Beginnings of Art, by Rick Ball Photo: Beginnings of Art, by established artist Rick Ball, in shellac, oil and gouache on paper. (Supplied)

“I have learnt and un-learnt so a lot operating within the Menindee Community and operating with these young youngsters,” he mentioned.

“They just cannot cope with any bullshit, and I adore that. They just won’t take it. I consider being out west and away from the city, that happens, and that impacts my art practice.”

Ball also has a piece in the exhibition.

The director of the Museum of Australian Democracy, Daryl Karp, stated the objective of the exhibition was to nurture emerging artists by constructing relationships with established artists in their region.

“What is truly exciting about this exhibition is that we’ve got leading-of-their-game artists and the subsequent level of emerging artists coming collectively in a mentorship system,” she said.

“So you get a collaboration that among them has something really strong to say.”

Right Right here Now runs at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Old Parliament Residence until February 7, 2016.

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Physician who fathered young children with patient back to perform

By Kristy O’Brien

Posted December 07, 2015 17:03:27

Associated Story: Married doctor who fathered patient’s kids suspended
Map: Darwin 0800

A Darwin loved ones physician who had an affair with a patient, fathering two young children, has returned to practising following his medical suspension was put on hold till an appeal is heard.

The doctor, 52, who cannot be named so as to safeguard the identity of the children, began separate patient care for the woman and her husband in 2008, and in 2009 started a sexual relationship with the lady that lasted 4 years.

In that time, the lady gave birth to two children – in July 2010 and July 2011 – each of them fathered by the doctor, who was married at the time with three young youngsters from his marriage.

In September 2015, complaints of skilled misconduct and failure to maintain specialist boundaries were lodged by the husband with the NT Health Specialist Evaluation Tribunal.

In its judgement, the tribunal banned the medical doctor from practising for four months, citing that he demonstrated a “lack of understanding of professional obligations and the situation of boundaries”.

Today in the NT Supreme Court, the doctor’s lawyer, Miles Crawley, requested that he nonetheless be permitted to practise over Christmas until the appeal hearing in January.

Justice Trevor Riley mentioned “I do not see any significant danger to the neighborhood by the medical professional continuing to practise”.

The woman’s ex-husband was “quite significantly aggrieved” by the affair, the tribunal noted in September, and was entitled to feel “upset that the medical doctor who he was entitled to trust breached that trust”.

The tribunal reprimanded the medical doctor, suspended him from practising for 4 months and imposed a requirement for him to undertake a course in health-related ethics and undergo mentoring just before resuming work.

The appeal application will be heard on January 13.

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